Oztell provides a variety of VoIP services including SIP calls, DIDs and PSTN call termination.

Oztell claims to be the first and largest VoIP provider in Australia. Oztell accounts are created and managed through the Oztralia site. According to this page, Oztralia is the Australian end-user site for Net2Max.

This is not an official Oztell wiki (it is maintained by its users).

Plans and Features

Oztell offers four plans: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. In addition to the basic features provided by each plan, users can subscribe to other optional features as listed here.

In order to make VoIP calls, users require the "Internet Phone Number - SIP" feature. This feature is included in all plans except the Iron plan. It can be added to the Iron plan for $1.95 per month. The Bronze package, however, includes the Internet Phone Number and other features, including a local phone number (DID) in your choice of various Australian cities, for $2.95 per month.

Four steps in joining Oztell services

One: Have a look at the Prices for different services (click on the orange links there).

Two: Go to their joining page and fill in the application form.

Three: Pay money to them (minimum $20) via credit card, post office, Bpay etc.

Four: Receive your account details ("OZnumber" and PIN).

Six steps to success for new subscribers (Australian ones at least):

One: You will receive an "OZnumber" like 9013xxxx to log in to Oztralia.com with and configure your settings. Your user ID in your SIP phone is '899060' and this number, eg (8990609013xxxx).

Two: There are some links to settings screenshots for a generic IP Phone and a Sipura 2000 and probably others in the forums.

Three: If you ring the DID of your internet phone and get an engaged signal, try logging in to oztralia.com, click 'Phone', click 'Local phone number', click on the link to the left of the blue 'active' and set it to 'internet phone'.

Four: the web pages after login can have lots of both useful and useless text that can turned off by clicking 'help' in the top right; orange links are things you are subscribed for and can change; green links are for things you can subscribe to (often for a fee which will be shown before you confirm).

Five: Custom routing: in theory, you can choose which calls you make get charged to Oztell and which get charged to another VOIP provider (eg. if a competitor offered cheaper local calls, etc). Look for Wireguy's post

Six: You can configure Access Phone Numbers to allow people to call a toll-free number (or a local number in capitals and 60 regional centres), allowing them to then call you for the cost of a local call (costs you 9c). To configure, login to oztralia.com, click 'Phone', click 'Access Phone Number', enable the Access Phone Number options you want. This also allows Oztell subscribers away from their SIP phone to call anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call + 9c.

Tips and HOWTOs

Typical Settings

SIP proxy: sip.oztralia.com
User ID: 899060nnnnnnnn (where nnnnnnnn is your OZnumber)

If the default proxy doesn’t work, try ‘sipnat.oztralia.com’.

For Sipura ATA users who don’t use Oztell as the primary account, it can be configured as a gateway as follows:
Gateway 1: 899060nnnnnnnn@sip.oztralia.com
GW1 Auth ID: 899060nnnnnnnn
GW1 Password: ********

Double ring-tone with Sipura ATAs

Users of Sipura ATAs often report a double ring-tone when making calls through Oztell. This can be avoided by deleting the “Ring Back Tone” setting under the Regional settings tab.

Sample Oztell Dial Plan for Sipura ATAs

|<:612>6xxx xxxx S0
|<0:61>[2378] xxxx xxxx S0
|<:61> 1[38]00 xxx xxx S0
|<0:61>4xx xxx xxx S0
|<:61>13 xxxx
|1223 S0<:@gw0>
|1194 S0<:@gw0>

000 via pstn
Local Canberra calls (prefix with 612)
Interstate calls (drop 0, add 61)
1300,1800 numbers (add 61)
Mobiles (drop 4, add 61)
13xxxx numbers (add 61)
International calls (drop the 0011)
Directory assistance (via PSTN)
Time (via PSTN)
Use gateway 1

Useful links

Info on current special: 6c for first 10 minutes, then 1.6c/min to Australia and more
Telephone Price List
VoIP rates to Australian numbers
Net2Max Price List
Access Phone Numbers: people can call you for the cost of a local call, costs you 9c
Here's a screenshot of Sipura 2000 settings
Here's a screenshot of generic IP Phone settings
Info on getting HELP from Oztell

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