The PA1688 is a VoIP chip and associated open source firmware for building IP phones and ATAs.


  • MCS8051 Compatible Instruction set
  • 160/ pin LQFP and PQFP Package
  • On-chip 8-bit micro-controller (Intel MCS8051/32 Series Compatible)
  • On-chip DSP processor (ADSP2181 Compatible)
  • Built-in USB transceiver
  • AC97'2.1 CODEC interface
  • Image sensor interface, keypad interface
  • Direct LCD display interface
  • EEPROM, FLASH Program Memory support
  • Smart Media Card interface
  • Serial Comm. Port for RS232 or IrDA I/F
  • 17 GPIO for User Defined Functions
  • 2.5V & 3.3V Operating Voltage

The PA1688 design was originally done by Centrality Communications
many of the people moved to Palmmicro when Centrality discontinued its VOIP business in 2006.
Support is now from Palmmicro but is limited to bug fixes.

The PA1688 as been replaced for new designs by the AR1688


Companies using the PA1688 in their products

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