... is a passive SIP network monitoring software + much more:

  • Scalable Tier1 solution with full end-to-end correlation of calls (works through SBC's, application servers and any other SIP device)
  • Full registration handling (firmware versions, auto-report broken devices, ...)
  • SIP Mediation (open interfaces to the SIP network, query any data/metric in real-time using a REST API)
  • CDR Generation (all calls as CSV CDR's available through FTP)
  • Scripting Engine (programmable interface on the system can answer almost any question)
  • Alerting (network and user conditions can trigger alerts by email or SNMP)
  • Open Interfaces (e.g. conntect to your network management via SNMP, to any third party application through REST + many more interfaces)
  • User Tracking (take a look at each individual user with full history of calls, registrations, end devices, ...)
  • Voice Quality (built-in analysis of RTP data + evaluation of X-RTP-STAT and RTCP from the clients)
  • Vendor agnostic (works everywhere, where SIP flows)
  • Real-Time (view everything instantly, e.g. calls available after first INVITE message)
  • Web based user interface (use any browser, intuitive Javascript based GUI with desktop comfort)
  • PDF Reports
  • CSV Export of almost any data directly from the web
  • PCAP raw data export of calls, registrations or even entire time ranges (also in the past)
  • Automatic termination of abandonded calls (CleanBYE)
  • Missed Call Notification

Visit the vendor homepage: IPTEGO.COM

PALLADION in Action, videos available:

Integrating PALLADION is easy


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