PBX Add-On Systems for Legacy Telephone Switches

Today, some of the main roadblocks stopping businesses from replacing or upgrading existing traditional legacy PBX systems to more advanced telephone switches or advanced IP-PBX systems are the high upfront costs associated with communications infrastructure changes related with the migration to VoIP, and the fact that their PBX systems answer most of the current telephony needs of the organization (hence don't justify the expense).

Four new PBX Add-On Systems for upgrading the existing PBX with Mobility Extension, Conference Call, Callback and Phone Manager capabilities have been introduced by Hypermedia Systems Ltd.
These latest business-class PBX add-on gateways integrate legacy telephony with IP technology without changing the existing communications infrastructure. They connect directly to the existing PABX/PBX system, and support a range of legacy, hybrid and IP environments as well as a wide range of voice interfaces such as; VoIP, Cellular (GSM, 3G UMTS and CDMA), SMS and PSTN interfaces (E1/T1-PRI and Analog).

Each one of the PBX add-on systems provides a cost-effective, scalable solution that significantly reduces telephony expenditure and opens up new types of voice connectivity options and advanced IP telephony capabilities for onsite and remote users. The Mobility Extension, Conference Call, Callback and Phone Manager gateways can be pre-configured and expanded to meet precise customer telephony requirements over time.

The MOBILITY EXTENSION GATEWAY is for enabling employees to work from everywhere and anywhere yet enables enterprises to retain control over phone numbers and other calling policies. The system increases organizational availability, productivity and efficiency by extending enterprise PBX and desk phone functionality out to mobile phones and other handheld devices, and gives PBX users the freedom to attend to office calls irrespective of their geographic location and independently of their telephony device or telecom network: landline, mobile/cellular or VoIP.

The CONFERENCE CALL GATEWAY significantly reduces the cost of telephone conferencing and helps companies improve their business communications and processes, as well as increase employee efficiency and productivity. With this cost-effective Teleconferencing equipment, PBX users are presented with a user-friendly interface for customizing, scheduling, managing and conducting conferences calls, multiple conference rooms, and conference participants can use either standard, VoIP or GSM lines.

The CALLBACK GATEWAY is for reducing overall company telephony costs. The Callback gateway provides companies with a corporate call cost saving system for reducing international roaming costs and national/local charges via DDI Trigger Callback, CLI Callback, SMS Callback and Web-based visual Callback-Dialer.

The PHONE MANAGER GATEWAY essentially upgrades the switchboard and empowers the PBX with advanced telephony features and CTI applications. The CTI Phone Manager System is a web-based visual Phone Dialer & SMS messenger that enables the PBX user to dial, send SMS messages, monitor and log all incoming and outgoing call activity at the personal PBX extension, even while user is away from the desk. This function provides for enhanced, more effective call handling and improved productivity.

Systems Highlights:
• 2 x PRI interfaces with LCR functionality
• Optional - VoIP and GSM Gateway functionality
• Remote web-based management and control
• High voice quality
• Fast and easy installation

About Hypermedia Systems
Hypermedia Systems Ltd develops and manufactures innovative telecommunication products for enhancing legacy PBXs without changing the existing telephony infrastructure. Its business-class PBX add-on products integrate PBX/PABX systems with IP technology, CTI applications and the GSM cellular networks. Its professional scalable GSM Gateways and VoIP GSM Gateways support 3G/ UMTS & CDMA and are the industry's first solution that enables flexible pre-defined allocation of PRI B-channels for inbound and outbound PSTN, cellular (GSM, TDMA and CDMA) and VoIP calls – all in one compact box.

Please visit www.hyperms.com for further information

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