PBX Automated directory

An automated directory can be programmed with the name of every person in the organization and their extension numbers. A caller who is transferred to the automated directory can be asked to 'spell' the user's name by the numbers on the telephone keyboard and the code sequence is then translated into everyone whose name fits, and their extension is matched. For example, if someone's name is John Smith, the caller might be asked to enter it last name first, then first name (764845646), and as many letters as are needed to be unique. If there was only one person with the name Smith, once 5 digits had been entered, the automated directory could prompt with the person's name, or potentially with their stored voice saying their name. The digits are obtained from the letters on each digit, e.g. ABC=2, PQRS=7, etc.

The biggest problem is that some names can match others. For example, Davis and Fatir are the same code, 32847. This requires that if multiple names resolve to the same code that the user then be given a list of all the conflicting names. Also, resolution of names may require a large number of digits. One possibility is to allow the user to select first one or two letters of last name and giving a list of all names matching and allow the user to select the desired name.

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