PBX Automatic Call Delivery

Automatic Call Delivery ACD is a feature used to route calls in a call center enviroment to the appropriate
agents, based on factors such as time available, skill sets, and priority levels.

  • ACD systems place calls into a queue, where they are typically handled in the order recieved.

  • ACD systems may handle routing of inbound or outbound calls, or in some cases a combination of the two.


- Genesys
- Database Systems Corp. Full featured ACD with IVR and Voice broadcasting integration.
- GNU Gatekeeper ACD (OpenSource H.323 ACD)
- Presence

As examples of commercial grade software based IVR, ACD, ICD systems with CTI. These products are in large corporate use worldwide.

Detailed PBX Performance Measurements are normally offered, allowing management to track a callcenter operation and anticipate staffing needs.

Note from Scott Stingel http://www.evtmedia.com: I think ACD is more commonly thought of to mean Automatic Call Distribution

See Also

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  • ICD: Overview of Asterisk ICD
  • OrderlyQ - Extension to Asterisk Queues that lets callers hang up, then call back without losing their place.

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