PBX Mobility Extension

Mobility Extension

The Mobility Extension feature gives PBX users the freedom to attend to office calls irrespective of their geographic location, and independently of their telephony device or telecom network: landline, mobile/cellular or VoIP. It connects mobile phones and other external telephony devices to the PBX as "virtual" PBX extensions, and enables remote access to the enterprise's PBX/IP PBX regardless of employee's whereabouts or telephony device (Cellular phone, WiFi phone, Multi-radio Smartphone, laptop, or any VoIP device).

Mobility extensions have become increasingly common with virtual PBX services.

PBX Features

  • 2N Mobility Extension A unique function that turns a mobile into PBX extension and thus frees the user from the office. 2N solution is a maintenance free and at very low running cost due to its intelligent call routing system. The function can be found in most of 2N portfolio - large and small PBXs and various GSM Gateways.

  • Mobility Extension Gateway a PBX add-on feature for increasing employee mobility and organization's operational efficiency and productivity.
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