PBX SMS Server

SMS Server

The SMS Server is an advanced software solution (SMS application - gateway SMS), which enables all LAN users to send and receive SMS (text messages) directly from the PC.

  • 2N SMS Server The SMS server provides a lot of advantages compared with classical SMS sending tools: you can type your SMS more quickly than with a mobile keypad, use long messages, send messages to multiple users, define user groups for SMS sending (such as salesmen, technicians, management, standard clients, key clients, etc.).

  • Hypermedia SMS Server A complementary SMS Server Pro (software package) for Hypermedia HG-4000, HG-3000 and HG-2000 GSM gateways series, developed for leveraging the basic GSM capabilities of Hypermedia Gateways to include sending and receiving bulk SMS text messages to mobile devices - from the one box. This SMS Server Application Software comes embedded in the HG-7000 SMS Gateway Pro series

PBX Features

SMS from email - or email from VM

see http://wiki.exim.org/Email_to_SMS_Integration_with_Kannel

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