PBX Software

PBX software ranges from switch signaling to user interfacing for system control. PBX Software also depends on how much hardware is already in place at the site. A hosted PBX, for example, will be all software or all web-based software; an on-premises PBX can have a varied mix of hardware and software.

There are countless programs to run or assist a PBX server. The factors that determine what kind of PBX software a business might need are:
  • PBX system type
  • operating system
  • hardware present
  • VoIP service compatibility

Types of PBX Systems

PBX systems hosted by the VoIP provider often have proprietary software in addition to VoIP service. In general, less server software is required. Other functions, such as CRM integration and IVR, still require software.

On-premises PBX systems need server management of varying degree based on the PBX hardware. For example, a PBX system without certain physical components can use Asterisk or similar telecommunication server technology to replace hardware functions.


PBX software is often all-encompassing and widely customizable. There are also programs designed for specific purposes within a PBX system. See VoIP software for individual types.

Proprietary vs Open Source

Proprietary systems are owned by one company, and usually (though not always) cost money. Open source software, on the other hand, is free to download, modify, and develop.

Large telecommunication companies like Cisco Systems dominate the market for network and servers. A popular open source alternative is Asterisk, though it too is held by a single company (Digium, Inc).

Lists of PBX Software

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