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We've tried to collect in one place everything you will need to create your own PBX in a Flash system in under an hour! Once you have your system installed, you'll have a fully functional server with the CentOS 5.x Linux operating system including an Apache web server, a SendMail server, a MySQL database server, an IPtables firewall, PHP, and WebMin plus Asterisk 1.4, FreePBX, phpMyAdmin, and more. You'll then be ready to choose (or not choose) from dozens of Add-On's that make PBX in a Flash a unique offering in the IP telephony marketplace. There's the Asterisk 1.6 beta, automatic backups, CallerID lookup services, X-Windows, SSL Keys, Gtalk, Cepstral with Allison for text-to-speech applications, fax support, and on and on. If you don't need the extra features, don't load 'em. But every Add-On is designed to install with one click in under a minute! For some applications, you may have to perform a bit of customization, but we've strived to make that an easy process with excellent documentation. What really separates PBX in a Flash from the competition is its painless upgradeability... and our #1 Goal is No Bloat, No Bugs! Whether it is the underlying CentOS operating system, the Asterisk telephony platform, the FreePBX web-based user interface, or Bug Fixes, upgrades are always one button click away. Enjoy and welcome to the PBX in a Flash family!

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