24/7 Supported IP PBX

PBXpress is a Unix based IP PBX with PBX call recording and other multiple features, a product specially designed for enterprise level customers of modern ITSPs. PBXpress has operator console and self-care interface . Also PBXpress has a very convenient and user-friendly web-interface that minimizes the efforts and makes the configuration of the system easier. PBXpress is created by PBXpress Communications, Inc.; while PortaOne, Inc. distributes and provides 24/7 support for PBXpress.

PBXpress features:

  • Provided with source code and regular software updates
  • Vast majority of traditional PBX features
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Automatic discovery and configuration of the most popular VoIP hardware

  • Telephony traffic control and archiving:
- All incoming and outgoing calls are logged
- Extensive call recording and archiving up to 18.5 years of business hours
- Notification of recording compliant with local laws
- Automated call backup to CD or DVD media

  • Reliability for uninterrupted service provisioning:
- One or multiple VoIP connections and automatic fallback to PSTN
- 911 emergency dialing over a PSTN line
- Secure and easy-to-use Firewall/NAT bypass
- Automated configuration restoring in case of HW failure
- Easy disaster recovery
- Automatic provisioning to reduce administration costs

  • Cluster feature:
- Optimal for SMB customers with several branches
- One numbering range for all branches
- Multiple nodes scalability: up to 500 phones and 100 concurrent calls per one PBXpress node in a cluster
- Optimized network load for ITSP

Where to Buy

Europe -
Actio.pl - Polish VoIP Provider

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