PJSIP is an Open Source Embedded SIP protocol stack written in C.

The development of PJSIP is mainly focused on having small footprint, modular, and very portable SIP stack for embedded development purpose (although it's perfectly good for Win32/Linux/MacOS as well). Some of the characteristics of PJSIP:
  • it is built on top of PJLIB, and since PJLIB is a very very portable library, basically PJSIP can run on any platforms where PJLIB are ported (including platforms where normally it would be hard to port existing programs to, such as Symbian and some custom OSes).
  • it has quite small footprint, although probably it's not the smallest SIP stack on the planet (the smallest SIP stack would be a stack that does nothing!),
  • it is quite customizable and modular, meaning that features that are not needed won't get linked into the executable,
  • it has pretty good performance (thousands of calls per second), and
  • it has quite a lot of SIP features.

A high level SIP multimedia user agent API is available for both C and Python language.


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