PJSUA is a command line SIP user agent (UA) written with PJSIP Open source SIP stack. While it is used mainly as the reference implementation of PJSIP, it is quite useful for testing or troubleshooting SIP installations, because it prints out all SIP messages sent and received by the application to console, so everything is visible by the user.

All SIP features supported by PJSIP should be available from PJSUA. Among other things, it supports:
  • multiple accounts, with each having different registration settings,
  • multiple SIP calls (with or without conferencing),
  • SIMPLE/presence with SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY,
  • support for PIDF and X-PIDF
  • instant messaging with MESSAGE request,
  • call transfer,
  • conferencing,
  • RFC 2833,
  • adaptive jitter buffer,
  • AEC, PLC, VAD,
  • STUN,
  • ICE,
  • Speex, iLBC, GSM, G.711, L16 codecs, narrow-band, wideband/16KHz or ultra-wideband/32KHz,
  • looping the media (local or remote),
  • playing WAV files,
  • quality statistics with RTCP
  • etc.

Screenshots of pjsua:


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