The PLANET VIP-281GS VoIP GSM Gateway is a signal-GSM channel gateway that supports SIP and H.323 VoIP protocol at the same time. The VIP-281GS provides a total solution for integrating voice-data network and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

The VIP-281GS is equipped with both FXS and PSTN interfaces, which gives the gateway a wide range of potential applications. The VIP-281GS can be installed on a PBX trunk line to enrich its trunks-GSM and VoIP routes. The PBX is able to have voice communication to either VoIP or GSM environment by the least costs.
Meanwhile, the VIP-281GS is designed for comfort, ease-of-use with a sophisticated and satisfaction to customers. The VIP-281GS not only inherits traditions of quality voice communications and network data over IP networks but the VIP-281GS also eliminates the human resource of VoIP network deployment. With optimized H.323 / SIP architecture, the VIP-281SG is the ideal choices for P2P voice chat and ITSP cost-saving solution, but also provides network-converting feature to translate the packet network into traditional PBX system.
With built-in PPPoE / DHCP / DDNS clients, up to 2 concurrent connections in VIP-281GS, voice communications can be established from anywhere around the world. The VIP-281GS comes with intuitive user-friendly and powerful management interface (web / telnet), that can dramatically reduce IT personnel resource and complete GSM / VoIP deployment in a short time. Plus remote management capability, administrators can monitor machine / network status or proceed maintenance / trouble-shooting service via Internet browser or telnet session. Besides, it provides voice channels status display and optimized packet voice streaming over managed and public (Internet) IP networks.

Network Features
  • Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Client Support:
  • The router has a built-in PPPoE client for establishing a DSL link connection with the ISP. There is no need to install a further PPPoE driver on computers.
Smart QoS
  • The smart QoS provides stable voice quality while users access internet from private LAN to internet at the same time.
  • This device would start throughput automatically when VoIP call was proceeded and it keep full speed access when there is no VoIP traffic.
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server)
  • DDNS is a service that maps Internet domain names to IP addresses. It allows you to provide Internet users with a domain name (instead of an IP Address)to access
Virtual Servers.__
  • NAT Traversal
  • The NAT traversal allows gateway to operate behind any NAT / Firewall device. There is no need to change any configuration of NAT / Firewall like setting virtual server.
VoIP Features
  • H.323 / SIP dual mode communication
  • SIP 2.0 (RFC3261), H.323v4 compliant
  • Peer-to-Peer / H.323 GK / SIP proxy calls
  • Voice codec support: G.711(A-law / ยต-law), G.729 AB, G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps)
  • Voice processing: Voice Active Detection, DTMF detection, G.165 / G.168 compliant echo canceller, silence detection
  • Built-in adaptive buffer that helps to smooth out the variations of delay (jitter) in voice traffic
  • Voice channels status display: This function displays each port status such as on-hook, off-hook, calling number, talk duration, codec
GSM Features
  • SMS Server for SMS sending and receiving
  • Worldwide GSM network usable (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • Supports GSM PIN code protection
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