10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet wiring only uses four of the available 8 wires for data. The other four wires can be used to power devices. There is an IEEE standard 802.3af Power Over Ethernet which allows up to 16 watts (48 V, 350 mA) and incorporates safety featues. Many companies provide "Proprietary" (noncompliant with IEEE) POE which typically consists of 12 to 56 volts applied directly to the Ethernet wires that aren't used for data, and often allow more power than 802.3af. Different manufacturers use different conventions, and you can easily damage equipment by connecting it to the wrong standard POE supply.

There are also GigE proprietary POE products which simplex the power on the data lines, since all 8 conductors are used for data.

POE injectors

POE Switches

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