IS-650 is a IP Horn (POE) provide a user-friendly control and simple voice broadcasting. The product is designed to provide easy use for any office,department store,factory,school to be able to quickly broadcast announcements to their any assigned office or branch or classes

IS-650 can work P to P ,IP to IP and Compatible with IP-PBX,Traditional PBX,Asterisk

Option: IP Broadcasting System
User can broadcast announcements to a group of office or branch or classes.
IBS-5: handle 5 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-10: handle 10 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-20: handle 20 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-40: handle 40 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-60: handle 60 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-80: handle 80 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-200: handle 200 pcs IS serial devices

SIP (RFC 3261) compatible
Web-based configuration
Web-based firmware upgradable
High efficiency speaker driver
Powerful built-in amplifier:20W
Remote control
Work with extra IP Speaker Server to make group broadcast

Speaker:11 x 8 "
Protocols:SIP (RFC2543,RFC3261)
Codec:G.711 u-Law,G.711 a-Law,G.729A,G.729A/B
LAN connection :RJ-45 connector
Ethernet I/F 10/100 Mbps
POE power supply
Dimensions 28 X 20 X 28cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Warranty 1 year

System Integrator
Large Multinational Corporation
Design firm

PORTech SIP Speaker serial

IS-640 : IP wall Speaker
IS-640P : IP wall POE Speaker
IS-650 : IP Horn POE Speaker
IS-660 : IP Ceiling POE Speaker
IS-670 : IP Wall Mount POE Speaker

IP Audio Gateway

IS-381 : 1 port IP Audio Gateway. (No amplifier).
IS-382 : 2 ports IP Audio Gateway (No amplifier).
IS-3840 : IP Audio Gateway(build in amplifier).

more detail http://www.portech.com.tw
Or contact me via e-mail

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Distance: 80~100 meter
Use iPhone/Andriod phone To Record High Quality Audio For Your Video

Rebecca Liu
PORTech Communications Inc.
150 Shiang Shung N.Rd,Taichung,Taiwan
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