PORTech VoIP GSM/UMTS/CDMA Gateways, E1/T1 GSM Channel Banks,GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals(Follow Me GSM Gateway), Skype Gateway

VoIP Hardware Solutions
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VoIP Hardware Zycoo UC Solutions
  • Modular Design IP PBX for SMB
  • Remote office Centralized Management solution
  • 3rd party app integration, Enterprise Billing, Android & iOS client
Yeastar Communications Solutions
  • Cost-effective IP-PBX Solution for SMB
  • FXS, FXO, GSM, BRI and PRI VoIP Gateways
  • Rich features and reliable performance

PORTech Communications lnc.

PORTech is the original manufacturer in Taiwan with 37 years; therefore we’ll do our best to offer the best service and support.

PORTech offer
  • IP Speaker
  • IP Broadcasting System
  • E1 /T1 GSM Channel bank
  • 1/2/4/8/16/32 Ports VoIP GSM Gateway /3G UMTS Gateway
  • SIM Server
  • Remote SIM Bank
  • 1/4/8 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals(Follow Me GSM Gateway)
  • IP/PSTN Power Switch
  • SMS Gateway
  • SMS Server
  • Worldwide use ( 2G,3G with all world and Japan)

VoIP GSM / UMTS Gateway

Portech MV-370 - 1 channel VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-370 : 1 channel VoIP GSM Gateway

Look at the MV-370 configuration howto

Portech MV-372 - 2 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-372 : 2 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

Look at the MV-372 configuration howto

Portech MV-374 - 4 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-374 : 4 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

Portech MV-378 - 8 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-378 : 8 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

for call termination (VoIP to GSM/CDMA/UMTS ) and origination (GSM/CDMA/UMTS to VoIP). It is SIP based and compatible with Asterisk. It can enable to make 1,2,4,8 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM/CDMA/UMTS networks and GSM/CDMA/UMTS network to IP phone.
MV serial can Receive SMS and send SMS on web
Allows your program Send/receive SMS with AT Command
Call Back feature

Portech MV-3716 - 16 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

Portech MV-3732 - 32 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

GSM Frequency :
    • 2G Quad band:850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    • 3G/UMTS Version: for all world

Portech SIM Server

SS-128: 128 sims SIM Server (manage 4 SBK-32 sim banks)
SS-256: 256 sims SIM Server (manage 8 SBK-32 sim banks)
SS-512: 512 sims SIM Server (manage 16 SBK-32 sim banks)

Set Talk Time per SIM
Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
Set Day of week
Set Time Range

Portech SBK-32 : 32 SIMs Remote SIM Bank

Portech SBK-128 : 128 SIMs Remote SIM Bank

Remote sim access that connect with serial MV-37X via internet.
SBK-32 : 32 SIMs Remote SIM Bank

GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals /Follow Me GSM Gateway

MT-350~1 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals,Follow Me GSM Gateway
option:MT-350S, Add SMS Function(Short message Service)(1 port only)

MT-354~4 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals,Follow Me GSM Gateway
MT-358~8 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals,Follow Me GSM Gateway
MT-358_Follow Me GSM Gateway
It has FXS,FXO,GSM interface that connect with PBX,PSTN or VoIP Gateway
Auto-select economic route (LCR)
GSM Prefix No.Setting (50 sets)
Polarity reversing function
Call-transfer: Follow Me
( 1) PSTN to GSM:
An incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify GSM no.
( 2) GSM to PSTN:
  • An incoming call of GSM will be transferred to specify PSTN no.
  • GSM in PSTN out, give you a prompt "du" and you can enter any destination number

DMT E1 GSM Channel Bank

DMT: E1 GSM Channel Bank

If you want to connect extra Outdoor directional antenna or Yigi antenna with long cable-10m,20m,30m,you can purchase option Antenna Combiner(AC-32)

PSTN Power Switch/ IP Power Switch

If your control room is usually no body there,you can consider our Smart Power Monitor(4 ports)
Smart Power Monitor(8 ports)
- Remote power on/ off /reboot by PSTN and WEB.


IP speaker serial.

IS-381 : 1 port IP Audio Gateway
IS-382 : 2 ports IP Audio Gateway
IS-3840: IP Audio Gateway
IS-640 : IP wall Speaker
IS-640P : IP wall POE Speaker
IS-650: IP Horn POE Speaker
IS-660: IP Ceiling POE Speaker
IS-670: IP Wall Mount POE Speaker

IP Broadcasting System-Free charge if buy our speakers serials

User can broadcast announcements to a group of office or branch or classes.
IBS-5: handle 5 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-10: handle 10 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-20: handle 20 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-40: handle 40 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-60: handle 60 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-80: handle 80 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-200: handle 200 pcs IS serial devices

If you have interest,please contact us

PORTech Communications Inc.
150 Shiang Shung N.Rd,Taichung,Taiwan
http://www.portech.com.tw/download/PORTECH_dm.pdf---- PORTech Products list
You can click the product's picture to read the catalog.

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