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About Packet Networks is the retail website of North America's leading IP solutions provider. Packet Networks Packet Networks offers a fast, easy, and reliable way to find the voip and networking hardware you are looking for. Packet Networks is a leading supplier of technology based product and services.

Packet Networks carries products for service provicers, smb companies, large enterprises, educational entities and resellers. You can visit Packet Networks Here. Packet Networks

Packet Networks has been delivering Voip and Networking solutions since 2004. Packet Networks is one of North America's leading VoIP solutions providers. Packet Networks provides access to a large inventory of new, refurbished and used VOIP and networking equipment

Packet Networks Offerings

Packet Networks specializes in standards based VoIP systems and VoIP equipment . Packet Networks also offers the following:

VoIP phones
VoIP headsets
VoIP adapters
Voip Gateways
Cisco Certified Refurb
Adtran Certified Refurb

Packet Networks also provides an array of value-added services including:

Network assessments
Solution design
Equipment buy back and trade-in
Configuration, set-up and installation
Maintenance and support
Extended warranties

Learn more about Packet Networks

To learn more about Packet Networks , please visit our website, call 412-862-9305, or email info at packetnet dot net.

Alternatively, you can contact us through Twitter Packet on Twitter, Facebook - Packet on Facebook or LinkedIn Packet on LinkedIn
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