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With the sophisticated CloudUC advanced telecommunications plans now available from PanTerra, your business communications will be streamlined, cost-efficient and highly effective. In fact, PanTerra's cloud-based plans make all areas of business communications much more direct and simple than ever before, although these services are all based on the most updated, state-of-the-art technology. These Unified Communications designs can be customized to suit your company's specific preferences and needs. By carefully integrating and coordinating cloud PBX, messaging, contact center and multiple-party collaboration as well as cloud storage, the CloudUC structure and design minimizes and clarifies necessary IT administration. It also reduces IT operational costs as it helps raise levels of overall productivity by users. The best part is that PanTerra invites you and your business associates to test drive their CloudUC plans in a risk-free trial before investing in one of their superior quality networks service plans.

What Makes PanTerra CloudUC the Ideal Choice for All Companies

Like the majority of other successful VoIP companies today, PanTerra has cloud-based networks service plans that can be customized as a perfect fit for virtually any type and size of business. Central to each service package is CloudUC as PanTerra's hosted PBX design. The primary outstanding benefit of the CloudUC system is that it enables users to enjoy accessing myriad popular options and standard features of a modern, updated telecommunications system. A major convenience and cost-saver for companies of all sizes is that this system is compatible with most SIP phones as well as user-following features.

These handy options keep mobile users connected while providing countless auto-attendant services and other attractive functions. For example, the full-featured contact center easily accommodates the needs of companies with high incoming call volumes that require intelligent engagement rather than a simple answering feature. Both time and money are saved with such helpful options as the Push Customer to Agent feature, which quickly and accurately transfers each incoming call within the system's interface for users. With automatic call return, each customer who calls your company during hours of peak caller volumes will no longer need to endure lengthy holding time, waiting to be connected to the appropriate company agent or division.

Overall Advantages of Cloud-Based IT Services from PanTerra

Important overall advantages of choosing CloudUC services from PanTerra for your business include the following:

  • PanTerra, an acclaimed telecommunications systems company, provides a complete selection of cloud-based communications options.
  • This cloud-hosted telecom service offers attractive and highly functional features that can be customized to suit the specific goals and needs of each individual company.
  • Pricing for services is customized for each client as well, with no set prices for features with the exception of SmartBox, the sharing option for files, priced at just $15 per month.
  • Company management and staff members can transfer calls to and from their mobile digital devices for smooth operation of business communications.
  • Incoming call volumes and updated caller analytics are easily handled by the Cloud Contact Center, leaving employees free to take care of other valuable business-related tasks.

Cloud-Based Network Service Plans Available for Business

PanTerra's CloudUC services can be specifically structured to meet the needs of small companies (of less than 50 users), mid-sized enterprises (of 50 to 500 users), and Enterprises (of 500 to 5,000+ users). Comprehensive cloud service plans available for clients from PanTerra include the following:

Business Voice - The Business Voice plan from PanTerra offers such modern features as cloud PBX, client mobile app capability, encryption both at-rest and in-transit, plugin for Outlook, 2 GB SmartBox storage, and unlimited calls, call recording and voice mail. (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a private phone network for use within a company structure by the staff. External calls are placed on shared, outside telephone lines.)

Professional - With the Professional cloud-based service plan, clients enjoy all the basic services included in the Business Voice plan plus the integrated softphone feature, the desktop UCC client option, digital fax support, secure IM with presence and unlimited conference calling. Additional features are the plugin for Salesforce, full contact/group management, multiple-active device manager (MADM), single sign on (SSO) support, Enterprise account administration, multi-factor authentication security and user plus communications content within the same cloud along with unlimited users for one accountant and 99.999 percent availability and reliability.

Enterprise - The Enterprise plan for cloud communications services encompasses all the features and benefits of the Professional plan plus unlimited desk shares, web meetings, video calls and auto-attendants. Another innovative, useful feature is business analytics in real-time.

Contact Center - With the Contact Center plan, clients receive all the benefits of the Enterprise plan plus the live-monitor feature, details reporting, skills-based routing, the supervisory modes of listening, whispering and barging-in along with unlimited calling queues and unlimited contact center.

Seven Top Qualities of Cloud-Based Services Offered by PanTerra

Seven vital qualities provided by cloud-based IT systems and services from PanTerra include:

1. Reliability. - PanTerra has complete control over both its CloudUC features’ operating infrastructure and the redundancy architectures involved, which enables this innovative telecommunications service designer and provider to maintain quality services 24/7/365 for clients.

2. Availability. - Availability of cloud-based communications services is calculated according to the frequency of service outages and the duration of each outage. Since PanTerra, as a top-tier telecom services company, owns and controls its infrastructure, there is no series of sub-vendors involved with resolving any service interruptions to avoid system downtime.

3. Security. - Although most cloud-based communications providers take strong measures to keep their data center facilities safe and secure, PanTerra goes farther in securing the connections between each client company's offices and the data center. This helps to avoid any leaks or potential pirating of important client information. Excellent web protection and firewalls are always in place, and PanTerra insists on using multi-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing their data center and communications to and from clients.

4. Scalability. - PanTerra utilizes a principle that many cloud services providers often overlook—ultimate quality scalability must be balanced. Cloud service companies must have the capacity to scale telecom services to fit the needs of many different company sizes. However, an aspect of professionally scaled services that PanTerra constantly works with is the practice of scaling in all areas of service: servers, network, bandwidth, geographies, applications and storage.

5. Quality of Service (QoS). - Good QoS is what makes business run smoothly and efficiently, even during the rockiest economic and financial times. PanTerra officials know very well that companies that rely on a single telecommunications service provider for VoIP and all other cloud-based communications requirements will have the best, most steady and dependable services, provided the service provider uses a reliable service monitoring system and corrects any problems with data transference and storage promptly.

6. Service Level Agreement (SLA). - PanTerra reinforces its quality service guarantees with excellent, comprehensive SLAs. Although these agreements offer protection for the service provider company, they also offer written guarantees of reliable, top quality services for the customer, giving the client a means of formal complaint if assurances of service are not met.

7. Support. - PanTerra management is well aware that business today is global, fast-paced and is active 24/7 all year long. In order to ensure smooth, dependable operation of all essential business services from the cloud for each client, PanTerra staff provides quality IM response (30 second response time) and round-the-clock support services in all areas of data transfer and storage, file sharing, VoIP and all other areas of communications.

PanTerra does not issue a price list for its comprehensive cloud-based IT services because the company policy is to consult closely with each individual client company, carefully customizing services and the resulting charges to fit the specific budgets and needs of each customer.

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