Patient Blast from Antmore Technologies


Patient Blast from Antmore Technologies

Antmore Technologies, LLC has developed a voice broadcast system that allows users to launch calls on their own through the
Instant Call Blast website. Patient Blast(SM) allows users to record a message, upload a call list, and send a call blast out from virtually the same screen. The system employs Asterisk software, AMD or answering machine detection, and an autodialer program. The calls are sent out via VOIP to every person on your phone list.

Patient Blast Uses

Patient Blast(SM) allows you to reach hundreds and thousands of people in a matter of minutes. You can simply record your voice broadcast and send it out automatically to anyone you wish. Now you can focus on what really matters, your patients!

It's time for the annual check-ups and patients need to be called. How can you get your calls out without disrupting your day? How can you make those calls cheap and not use one of those call services? Use Patient Blast(SM) for all your patient notification, alerts, appointment reminder needs. It is simple, fast, and reliable while allowing your staff to deal with your patients in your office.

Here are a few uses of our services that Patient Blast(SM) offers for you:

  • Annual Check Ups
  • Emergency notification
  • Reminders
  • Patient Follow Ups
  • Schedule changes
  • Test Results

There are limitless possibilities for the uses in your every day operations with Patient Blast(SM). We can automate your calls so that you can use a portal on our website to upload a phone number list, record a call, and have them go out instantly. You no longer have to worry about whether your patient received the calls because you can receive an activity report showing you if the phone was picked up or left a message.


Every Patient Blast(SM) comes with a report emailed to your account showing you the day’s results. You can even see the activity on each number to see who answered, who did not, and if you need to trim your list for the next time or get that person’s new information. It’s so easy to read and will help you keep up to date for your own records.You can download your reports straight from the Instant Call Blast website within the customer portal.

About Us

The company that runs Patient Blast(SM) is called Antmore Technologies, LLC. It is incorporated in Nevada where the corporate office is located. They incorporated on July 17, 2007. There is also another office to strategically service it's east coast customers in New York. The managing member of the company has over 20 years of working experience in the political field. That experience has evolved with the telecommunications industry to provide low cost, mass produced automated calls to any and every person that would like to utilize them.

Drawing from experience in the sales industry as well as the customer service industry, Antmore Technologies, LLC has drawn talent from all over the country to provide the best experience possible. We also pride ourselves in surpassing current levels of technology by staying on the "cutting edge." This allows for our customers to have the best price on all of our products. Although Antmore Technologies, LLC are newcomers to the Robocall industry, we have the expertise that you can trust for your next election, fundraiser, church gathering, or baseball game.

Additional Information

Call us at 1-800-634-9614 Toll Free!

Sales ext. 1
Customer Support ext. 2

Or mail us at:

Antmore Technologies, LLC
P.O. Box 18534
Rochester, NY 14618

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