Peers is a minimalist SIP User-Agent written in java, hosted on sourceforge. It requires a java runtime environment.

It has been tested on linux (debian), windows (7, xp sp2, xp sp3) and mac os (10.6) against X-Lite, OpenWengo, Linphone and Ekiga softphones, and it has been tested with SIPp. Tests have been performed with many IPBXs asterisk, freepbx, Cirpack, OXE, Avaya, but also with pure proxy registrars: opensips.

The codec employed is G711 ulaw and alaw. DTMF are supported (rfc 4733). Peers has no external library dependency, it just leverages standard java apis.

SIP stack *does not* rely on NIST SIP stack.

Provisional responses are managed since version 0.2.

REGISTER and Digest authentication are implemented since release 0.3.

Challenges on INVITEs and re-INVITEs are managed since release 0.3.1.

New GUI since release 0.4, no manual configuration file modification necessary.

Challenge on BYE requests are supported since version 0.4.1.
Created by: yohann, Last modification: Fri 20 of May, 2011 (07:56)
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