Perl Add/Modify/Delete user script

i have created AddUser and EditUser scripts in perl for adding/modify/view/delete sip/voicemail entry in config files.


  • Asterisk::config CPAN module

Features and working

  • add/edit sip entry
  • add/edit voicemail entry if required
  • add/remove hint in extensions.conf if required.
  • when ask for codecs provide a list of codecs with separated by a space
  • default values in AddUser script are appended to input message in braces.


  • create an empty file "/etc/asterisk/sip_custom.conf" and include the newly created file reference in "/etc/asterisk/sip.conf" at the end of file, like this.
  • in sip.conf
  1. include "sip_custom.conf"
  • run cpan and install Asterisk::config library.
# cpan
cpan> install Asterisk::config

  • now download AddUser and EditUser script and set executable permissions for downloaded script.
# chmod a+rx AddUser
# chmod a+rx EditUser

That's it, now run AddUser to AddUser script to create users.

Created by: cyrenity, Last modification: Fri 25 of Apr, 2008 (05:25 UTC)
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