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Phone.com is a residential VoIP service provider.

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Business VoIP Providers
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Vonage Business Award-winning Business VoIP Phone System
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
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RingCentral Cloud Powered Business Phone System
  • Unrivaled functionality in 1 solution
  • Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conf.
  • Trusted by 350,000+ Businesses
Residential VoIP Providers
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BasicTalk High Quality Home Phone Service
  • Unlimited U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada calling.
  • Easy setup with 25+ features included.
  • No cost to keep your number
ITP VoIP Phone Service
  • 2 months free for voip-info.org users
  • Free VoIP phone adapter
  • Scalable unlimited calling plans
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Constant technical flaws and poor customer service

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They tell me that they are in a years-long process migrating from an open source to a commercial VOIP server. This may be way they have glitches they can't or won't fix. CS asking me to document problems, or else tells me to use poor practice configuring their system, until I give up. Examples are a defect that would not ring all numbers a forward to a virtual extension that mixed real and virtual extensions. They insisted that I instead duplicate the same numbers in several places in the system, which is obviously poor practice. I guess it was fixed, though they didn't bother to notify me. For almost a year, I've been reporting that calls cut off if the ring time expires after answering, if the call announcement tag is playing ("call to customer service"). They can't seem to understand this, and two days after providing detailed instructions to reproduce the error, including call logs, they are asking for the same thing again. Very frustrating. Also, I echo the experience of billing errors.

Created by: admin, Last modification: Mon 14 of Oct, 2013 (17:32 UTC)
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