PhoneGnome is a free service providing free calls between members and cheap call rates to any other numbers worldwide. PhoneGmome provides four primary means to use the service:

  • Web-Activated (ike Jajah) where you enter the number to call on a website, then PhoneGnome rings your phone and phone number you are calling and connects to the legs together.
  • PC-based - (like Gizmo, FWD, etc) using PC softphone to place calls. The company provides a free Windows-based softphone but the service supports any SIP softphone (including Asterisk)
  • The PhoneGnome box - the company offers a customized ATA/Gatway device that SIP-activates any existing phone service (whether a traditional line, VoIP service like Vonage or Sunrocket, or a Cable phone service). More information is available at PhoneGnome Box
  • Mobile Phone - the company provides a J2ME application that permits use of PhoneGnome service directly on the mobile phone handset. Of course the above web-activated service can be used with moblie phones, as long as the number qualifies as well. An add-on product called MobileGnome ($24.95 per year) provides hop-on/hop-off and callback features. Since the service supports SIP, wi-fi SIP phones can also be used.

Free for calls to members. Rates starting at 2.1c/min for other calls. Users do not need to be on-line to receive calls but they must sign-into their My PhoneGnome portal site periodically to keep their account active.

PhoneGnome members using the PhoneGnome Box can also use any SIP-based service for PSTN terminatrion for calls to non-members (in other words "Bring your own ITSP").


  • Open Access
    • Buy your PSTN termination minutes from any provider you wish - you are not stuck with only the rates or plans offered by TelEvolution Inc. or any one company
    • Quickly change service, or even use multiple accounts at the same time
    • Buy Virtual numbers (DIDs) from any provider you want
    • We make it easy and convenient to purchase these services from our partners, but you are not required to do so
  • SIP interoperability
    • Open SIP credentials that can be used with any softphone, ATA, Asterisk, Trixbox etc.
    • Exposed SIP addresses permitting directing calls to your PhoneGnome account from any SIP system, Free World Dial, SIPphone, Gizmoproject, Asterisk systems, PBX systems, DID providers etc.
    • SIPbroker support and interoperability - peering with hundreds of VOIP services
    • Use the PhoneGnome box like a remote SIP-based "FXO card" for your Asterisk server
  • Interoperability with IM systems for Voice
    • Free calls with Gtalk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! IM users.
    • Optionally connect to Skype on your PC to use your existing regular phone as a Skype phone.
  • Full ENUM support, including and as well as private ENUM-based VoIP peering
  • Peering relationships representing millions of telephone numbers
  • Support for ITAD/ISN (
  • Free end-user WEB 2.0 XML-RPC APIs with every PhoneGnome account:
    • Interface to contact lists
    • Initiate click-to-dial calls
    • Access call history logs
    • Integrate with your web or blog site
    • Use the APIs on your data enabled mobile phone

Asterisk Setup:

Login to your account PhoneGnome account and then: See Features > SoftGnome Remote Access > Edit > View SIP Credentials To view the SIP settings.

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