PhoneGnome API

PhoneGnome provides two levels of APIs, as follows:
  • Deep Integration Extensions API
  • Light Integration and Web services

In general, Deep Integration is indended for PhoneGnome commercial partners that wish to sell value-added telephony services to PhoneGnome subscribers via the My PhoneGnome Telephony Services Bazaar while Light Integration and Web services are free APIs that permit telephony mashups and such.

Deep Integration API

PhoneGnome provides a VoIP service platform that can be controlled via web services APIs.

For more information, see:

Light Integration and Web services

The PhoneGnome Light Integration and Web services include several types in APIs:

  • HTTP POST XML Controls API
  • Javascript Website Widgets
  • Simple HTTP-based third party call control

While these interfaces do not provide the same level of integration as the above Deep Integration API, they are still very powerful and flexible and have the advantages that they are totally free to download and use, can be setup and used entirely on-line (self-service), and require no specific arrangemt or agreement with the company.


The PhoneGnome XML-RPC API supports the following methods:

  • phonegnome.Dial: Dials a given number using your PhoneGnome phone
  • phonegnome.deliverSound: Delivers an audio clip (WAV file) to PhoneGnome
  • phonegnome.addContact: Add a contact to the on-line PhoneBook
  • phonegnome.getContact: Retrieve on-line PhoneBook Records
  • phonegnome.setContact: Modify an on-line PhoneBook Record
  • phonegnome.delContact: Delete an on-line PhoneBook Record
  • phonegnome.cdrQuery: Query Call Logs
  • phonegnome.Vmsg: Send a voice message using your PhoneGnome phone
  • phonegnome.getConfig: Retrieve PhoneGnome parameter value
  • phonegnome.setConfig: Set PhoneGnome parameter value
  • phonegnome.getProfile: Retrieve user profile string
  • phonegnome.setProfile: Set user profile string
  • phonegnome.indirectDial: Specify an indirect dialing event
  • phonegnome.remoteSound: Deliver a sound file to a specified derstination and collect digits pressed by the user in response
  • phonegnome.remotePromptSound: Deliver a sound file to a specified derstination, only if the user first presses '1'.



The available controls are:

  • Public Profile
  • A list of your friends and their current update
  • Updating your PhoneGnome profile/status
    • Done with a HTTP POST using the "status" parameter. status=Working on my car.


Javascript Website Widgets

  • Public Profile (no authentication required)
    • Two forms permitted (specify by username or phone number)

Also see: PhoneGnome Badge Generator

Simple HTTP-based third party call control

Third party call control allows third party developers to write their own software applications to initiate a call from their PhoneGnome phone to any other phone in the world.

For details see:

See also:
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