PhoneGnome Box

The PhoneGnome box is a customized ATA+PSTN gateway. In inserts between an existing phone service and standard phone and cnnects to a broadband Internet router/LAN. Once connected, the PhoneGnome box performs automatic self-configurationa and establishes a PhoneGnome account with the phone number of the telephone line the PhoneGnome box is connected to.

It essentially SIP-activates an existing closed POTS service (whether a standard phone line from your local phone company, phone service from your cable provider, or broadband phone services such as Vonage).

How it works:

  • Dial a phone number and PhoneGnome will place the call free when it can. It knows what numbers can be delivered using the Internet and which numbers can't. You simply continue to use your phone as you always have.
  • When someone calls your number, whether a VoIP call or a normal call, your phone rings.
  • No PC required. No software to load.

  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Convenience of free calls simply by dialing regular phone numbers directly on your existing phone
  • Simultaneously connects to the Internet and your existing home phone service to add free calling, free features, and more
  • Fully automatic plug-and-play setup
  • Simply plug it in and dial normally. Nothing new to learn
  • Non-free and local calls automatically use your existing home service - No new bills!
  • Optionally use the net for all your non-free long-distance and/or international calls to save on all calls made in the household.
  • Works for any number, anywhere - not restricted to the free calling regions
  • Provides free Voicemail to email and more for your existing phone number

Using SIP-based service for non-free calls (i.e. PhoneGnome-Out):
  • If you want to get cheap rates for your calls to non-members, simply activate a plan for your long-distance and/or international calls (you can even use a different plan/provider for each type of call). You can choose among flat-rate plans, starting at $14.95 per month for unlimited calls to US/Canada, or Pay As You Go plans where you only pay for the calls you make, with no minimum fees, no expiration, and no setup fee. To activate a plan, simply select the plan of your choice using your My PhoneGnome management console. Note: this step is optionalstep. If you don't activate a plan for non-free calls, they will simply be placed as they are today, using your existing home phone service.

Other features:

  • Emergency 911 pass-thru
  • Phone works when the power goes out and when the internet is down
  • Highest voice quality and reliability
  • Effortless plug-and-play installation
  • FREE features: 3-way calling, call forwarding, call transfer and more!
  • Open, Interoperable, Powerful: Includes open SIP credentials for use with any softphone, ATA, Asterisk etc.
  • Public SIP address for interop with SIPphone, Gizmoproject, Free World Dialup, Asterisk, Trixbox, PBX integration etc.
  • Free calls to Gtalk, MSN, and Yahoo! IM users.
  • Optionally connects to Skype on your PC to use your existing home phone as a Skype phone.
  • Remote access to your home phone service using your PC, anywhere
  • On-line phone book with click-to-dial
  • Telemarketer Screening
  • FREE Voicemail to E-mail
  • Call recording, download as WAV files to your PC
  • On-line call logs available 24/7 from any web browser

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