Phone Office Communicator Service is being designed and deployed as an evolution from the popular AgentLogger, adding functions focused not exclusively on CallCenters and Agents, but also on natural and common actions needed by end-user.

PhoneOCS currently allows pop-up messages and intranet integration, thus making it possilbe to get back the added value in an quick and easy way. Additionaly, PhoneOCS API enables integration of functionalities with any third party application easily, providing a base for fast development of applicacion, allowing to deploy "plugins" or "modules" and avoiding to deploy/develop again all the kernel or configuration details of the program with the PBX. This enables corporative applications to obtain the maximum value out of the PBX without having to worry about developing all the funtionality and configuration of the apllication from scratch.


PhoneOCS roadmap includes the integration with other desktop utilities, including most used e-mail client systems such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and Shredder (Mozilla/Firefox). It also would allow a user to change their status on Asterisk Windows Operator Panel, a popular recepcionist switchboard program, allowing the user to receive and sent messages to the recepcionist (ie, "You received a call from Customer when you were our") or even a more complex interaction with the recepcionist allowing the use to setup a current status (example, "Do not Disturb", "I Am on a meeting", "Out for Vacances", "Followme", etc).

PhoneOCS is currently on BETA stage, and is offered, free of charge (GPL), on the repository of utilities of Asterisk Arena.

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