PimpMuNumber (PMN) is a priovider of UK Direct Inward Dialling / Direct Dial Inward numbers to private and small to medium businesses.

Services currently offered:

  • UK Geographic DID/DDI Numbers We are able to provide UK Geographical numbers (those begining 01 and 02) from over 650 area codes, we can supply a single number to an entire range of numbers.

  • UK wide 03 Numbers are one of the latest ranges of numbers to be made available in the United Kingdom, calls to these numbers are charged by all UK networks at the same rate as standard 01 and 02 geographic calls.

  • Fax 2 Email Our Fax 2 Email service allows you to receive faxes through your email account. Simply signup for a number and set the divert to FAX and enter the e-mail address you wish the fax to be sent to, within minutes of someone sending a fax to you, it will be delivered to you via e-mail as an attachment.

  • Huge range of Non-Geographic numbers, including 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 0560, 070 details of all possible number ranges we are able to provide can be viewed here. We are constantly making more numbers available as we receive the allocations.

  • All numbers have instant activation and controlled by you online using our secure bespoke web interface, you are able to control the divert destination in realtime making unlimited changes to the destination.

For more information please see PMN or Contact us Thank you.
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