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Hardphone (that they used to sell, before selling-off that business line, possibly to 3com). There is unfortunately hardly any information for using this rather nice looking, full-featured, phone with Asterisk. This page is the start of an attempt to provide some of that information.


Unlike proprietary VoIP solutions currently available, Pingtel�s SIPxchange communications suite gives small-to-medium-sized businesses control over when and how to deploy VoIP technologies. As the industry�s only open source SIP-based IP PBX, SIPxchange not only removes the barriers that have prevented rapid and pervasive deployment of enterprise VoIP, but also delivers freedom from vendor technology lock-ins. Enterprises benefit from more flexibility in terms of integration and lower total cost of ownership.

Pingtel�s business model is based on delivering the requisite service and support for an enterprise-grade edition of the open source sipX solution. Combining an open source business model with the industry�s de facto VoIP standard, enables Pingtel to deliver a field-proven IP telephony portfolio at a cost point unmatched by today�s hardware-centric IP telephony vendors.

The suite is backed by a robust support and service infrastructure that can be accessed online. Pingtel also offers a wide range of consulting services to meet specific customer needs. The Professional Services team provides a comprehensive, fully integrated range of services designed to accelerate and enhance the adoption of SIP and open source software into enterprise telephony programs.

Like Red Hat, Inc. offers a hardened, fully supported and documented version of Fedora Linux, Pingtel Corp. offers an Enterprise grade version of sipX, The SIP PBX for Linux.

Isn�t Pingtel an IP Phone company?

Pingtel built a name across the industry for its xPressa phone, one of the first and most functional SIP phones to come to market. As of August 2004, Pingtel sold its hardware business including the xPressa hardphone to an undisclosed buyer. Press Release. Since then Pingtel has transitioned to become a software company, adopting an open-source business model and focus entirely on its SIPxchange product line and the sipX open source development project.

Sounds like something you would like to try out?

sipX is freely available from SIPfoundry.

  • Fedora Core 2: sipX is installed and configured fully automatically using the FC2 binary available here.

  • Gentoo Linux: An ebuild is available for sipX from here. Using this alpha ebuild fully automatically builds all the dependencies of sipX on Gentoo Linux. sipX is checked out directly from the SIPfoundry subversion repository. It is therefore very easy to create a complete build environment for sipX using the most recent development codebase for sipX (currently 2.7).

A trial subscription of SIPxchange is available from Pingtel here (requires user registration).

Additional Information

sipX Architecture
sipX Wiki
Open Source PBX Channel. Pingtel is a founding member of SIPfoundry, where the development is hosted.

Pingtel sipX source code is available at SIPfoundry.

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