Polycom 430 Notes

Polycom 430 Notes

The 430 will need it's own page eventually which I don't really have the experience to author. Here are a couple of notes and gotchas in the meantime.

Firmware support

The IP 430 supports firmware and higher. The release notes for some inexplicable reason refer to this as 1.6.6 B. Please note that is not supported by the 430 and won't load correctly via FTP. If you need firmware it can be found at http://www.freedomphones.net/polycom/files/.

Always use the current sip.cfg files provided with the firmware updates! Failure to do so may cause problems in your environment!

Stock Firmware Limitations

The Stock Firmware and Bootrom that comes with the phones (As of 8/20/06) has several problems. Using the stock config settings of the phone and pulling from FTP, boot times can be upwards to an hour. Trying to install the new firmware 1.6.7 and bootrom 3.2.1 via FTP can causes the phone to go into constant reboot loop. It seems that the phone gets hung up somewhere in installing either the bootrom or the firmware through FTP. At this point, the phone won't be able to get any type of firmware or bootrom from the server via FTP. Even trying the latest 3.2.2 bootrom and 2.0.1 firmware yielded no results. After talking with support at TelephonyDepot.com and the #asterisk channel on Freenode, it seems the some people were not having issues with the phones. TelephoneDepot.com said they use TFTP and the ip430's work fine for them and suggested trying TFTP instead of FTP. After setting up atftpd to just provide new firmware and the bootrom, and configuring the phone to use tftp instead of ftp, the ip430 pulled the new 2.0.1 firmware and the 3.2.2 bootrom. The phone was transformed from a paper weight to what it should have been. Boot times are 2-4 minutes, and the improvements to the boot process are much appreciated. Changing the phone back to using FTP works fine now. However, everything is not happy yet. Bootrom 3.2.2 and firmware 2.0.1 causes a new set of problems.

Bootrom 3.2.2 & SIP 2.01

  • Be sure you use the LATEST config files that CAME with the v2.01 firmware!
  • If you do not, your phones may not work properly.
  • Found a bug with the 430s and 2.0.1 SIP and it invoves the SIP.cfg file and dialmaps: You can not use a "," in your dialmap with the 430 otherwise when it reaches it, it will lock up. This does not happen on the 601 and only seems to effect the 430.

Headset distortion SIP 2.01 with default SIP.cfg

I had some noise distortion with firmware 2.01 and the supplied sip.cfg.
After searching around in the sip.cfg I adjusted the following parameter:

  • Original value: voice.headset.txag.adjust.IP_430="39"
  • My new value: voice.headset.txag.adjust.IP_430="0"

The info below is invalid, but kept it for reference.

"Bootrom 3.2.2 and Firmware 2.0.1 problems
So after installing the new firmware and bootrom, it looked like all the problems were solved. Except for one tiny, major issue, the new firmware caused all the phones that were updated with it (IP430's and IP601's at this point) to not register with the asterisk server. Only by hard coding the IP address and UDP Only in the sip configuration options on the phone would it register with the Asterisk server again. It seems that this problem is caused by not using the new phone1.cfg file included with 2.0.1. So you will need to update your configs with this new file."

Flash settings reset

All other polycom phones will reset their flash settings when the keys 4,6,8,* are held simultaneously, but the IP 430 uses 1,3,5,7 instead.

Where to Buy

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