Polycom 601 w/Expansion Modules

I have a Polycom 601 with two expansion modules. I'm running the latest firmware: 1.6.5..I am not using Asterisk..I am using a Broadsoft platform. I have two problems. The first is, I can't get any of the directory names to show up on the expansion modules, and secondly, I can't get the 'Buddy Watch' feature to show an 'off-hook' state. I have changed my phone.cfg file to reflect the number of lines I would like to have, and have turned on the 'feature.presence' in my sip.cfg file. For example: I have 16 entries in my phone.cfg file & 16 enteries in my, xxx-directory.xml file. Any ideas as to what's wrong? Thanks
Created by: tporter, Last modification: Tue 09 of May, 2006 (11:52 UTC)
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