Polycom SoundPoint IP MWI audio

A solution to the often considered annoying audio MWI on Polycom SoundPoint IP telephones was posted to Asterisk-Users.
Considering how useful this information would be for anyone using these phones, I've created this page. (Not to mention I'll know where to find the info when I need it!)

To: Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion
From: Jerry Jones
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:51:22 -0600
Subject: [Asterisk-Users] SOLVED: Polycom MW beep

I had seen several inquiries regarding the message waiting reminder
beep on Polycom phones. since I do not use voicemail myself on my
Polycom it did not affect me. But I have since had several customers
complain about it, inlcuding my boss this week. I figured there would
be a flag somewhere to turn this on/off but was unable to locate one.
So I did the next thing and changed the beep to be silence. perhaps
someone has a more straightforward method but his works easily.

In your sip.cfg file replace

<MESSAGE_WAITING se.pat.misc.1.name="message waiting" se.pat.misc.
1.inst.1.type="chord" se.pat.misc.1.inst.1.value="1" se.pat.misc.
1.inst.2.type="chord" se.pat.misc.1.inst.2.value="2" se.pat.misc.
1.inst.3.type="chord" se.pat.misc.1.inst.3.value="1"/>


<MESSAGE_WAITING se.pat.misc.1.name="message waiting" se.pat.misc. 1.inst.1.type="silence" se.pat.misc.1.inst.1.value="1"/>

and enjoy the peace and quiet, the light will still light, stutter
will still work, just will not give the internittant beep.

Note: newer sip firmwares require the following instead of the above:

<MESSAGE_WAITING se.pat.misc.1.name="message waiting" se.pat.misc.1.inst.1.type="silence" se.pat.misc.1.inst.1.value="1" se.pat.misc.1.inst.2.type="silence" se.pat.misc.1.inst.2.value="2" se.pat.misc.1.inst.3.type="silence" se.pat.misc.1.inst.3.value="1"/>

a FYI for those that use a separate (as you should!!) config file for customization.

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