Positron Inbound Call Center


Product Overview

The PositronTelecom solution is Asterisk based and is intended for reseller with little or no knowledge of how to create a call center. All the configuration is simplified into a WEB based configurator. An application is sold along with the product which will allow real time monitoring of queues, agents and phone records as well as a simple and easy way to generate important reports / metrics. The system is designed for call centers with less than 30 users and pricing for four port FXO solutions begin at $2500 MSRP.

Application examples of Inbound Call Centers

▪ Order Taking Services
▪ Toll Free Customer Service
▪ Live Web Chat
▪ Email Response
▪ Direct Response
▪ Conference & Registration
▪ Live Receptionist
▪ 24-Hour Help Desk
▪ Emergency Response


Inbound call centers can provide the following benefits:

•Improve customer relationships
•Enhance Agent productivity
•Measure and Monitor call center performance

The Positron Inbound Call Center solution offers:

•Connectivity to telephone and VoIP networks
•Support for up to 30 simultaneous calls
•Monitoring tool – CDR, Queues, System status and Agent view
•Full PBX functionality
•Support for up to 10 call queues

Key Features

  • Queues – used by call centers to correctly place inbound calls into the correct queue for agents to answer the calls. A typical example would be “on your touch tone phone hit one for sales, hit two for support….” And the calls is directed to the correct agents.
  • Call Data Records – a listing of all calls on the PBX system. This can be used for call metrics analysis, costing and performance
  • Real time Monitoring – done largely at a system level to determine the ‘health” of the system
  • Overview Pane – used to display the status of agents in a call or queue for a more granular look at activity

Configuration allows for

  • Full PBX functionality
  • Agents and Queue configuration
  • Incoming calls being placed in the queue
  • Members that answer the queue (extensions or users that login as agents)
  • A strategy for how to handle the queue and divide calls between members
  • Music played while waiting in the queue
  • Announcements for members and callers

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Where to Buy

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UK, Worldwide
Tel: +44 (0)1904 500155
Email: sales@novavox.co.uk
Website: www.novavox.co.uk

Technology Partners

Special support and consultant services are provided by:

  • Xenialab: Preferred European Technology Partner

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