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Headquarters: Montreal, Canada
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Telephone: +1 (514) 345-2220 / +1 (514) 664-4719


In January 2008, Positron Telecommunication Systems Inc., "Positron Telecom", was created to develop and market sophisticated VoIP equipment for enterprise communication and collaboration through communication service providers. The company’s products integrate VoIP and traditional telephony in stand-alone systems that combine ease of use with powerful functionality. Positron Telecom’s VoIP devices connect analog and digital devices (telephone, fax and modem) to an IP-Network, gateways connect PSTN users to an IP Network or traditional PBX, as well as Key Systems to an IP-Network. Position Telecom’s VoIP devices provide an ideal platform to launch converged voice and data services, support SIP Proxy’s, integrate to Microsoft OCS through a combined Mediation server / PBX and provide sophisticated visibility into the PBX attributes through a detailed operator panel. Our corporate and engineering center is located in Montreal, Canada.

Asterisk IP PBX Blades


Positron's V-Series PCI card is a leap forward in the telecommunication PBX Systems market. It is the first of its kind to offer the functionality of Asterisk PBX on a card with integrated telephony ports, hardware based echo cancellation and Ethernet interface. By integrating the Linux, Asterisk, Echo Canceller, Ethernet (for PCI and LAN), Telephone ports (FXS) and Gateway functionality (FXO) Positron has created the first standalone solution that can be installed in any PC and by interfacing Ethernet to the PCI bus Positron has also made it an ANY Operating System solution – no special drivers required.

The Positron V-Series PCI cards allow customers to expand their Cisco® Call Manager and other PBX solutions by cost effectively adding phone extensions, advanced features such as voicemail conversion to e-mail, video integration and enabling mobile phones to connect long distance calls through the PBX at the rate of an inbound local call. In addition, the combined offering provides a unique and cost effective solution that interoperates with Microsoft® Office Communications Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Key applications

  • Home Phone System
  • Remote Call Center
  • Remote Teleworker


  • Installs simply and quickly as an Ethernet adapter
  • Provides an ANY operating system solution for Asterisk users
  • Allows any SIP based application to speak directly to the card
  • Unlike other card solutions there is no additional hardware setup required
  • Provides the functionality of PBX & Gateway in one solution

Technical Brief

  • Single Compact Flash port
  • Four Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) ports, Four ISDN BRI ports, or up to Four E1/T1 ISDN PRI ports
  • Single Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port for connecting a phone or fax machine
  • Hardware based G.168 echo cancellation chip up to 128ms tail length
  • PCI 2.2 compliant Ethernet interface
  • 10/100Mbps auto MDIX Ethernet port

IP PBX Blade Product Range

  • Positron V-114 Analog Asterisk IP PBX Blade (4 FXO)
  • Positron V-214 ISDN Asterisk IP PBX Blade (4 BRI)
  • Positron V-310 E1/T1 PRI Asterisk IP PBX Blade (1 PRI)
  • Positron V-600 E1/T1 PRI Asterisk IP PBX Blade (4 PRI)

Asterisk IP PBX Business Phone System Appliances


The G-Series Office Gateways by Positron Telecom provide businesses with 2-50 employees a scalable and affordable Business Phone System that takes advantage of all the latest features and functionality and combines them into an easy to manage and configure device. Backed by our free support service, multilingual user configuration and auto configuration phone application, businesses will be content for years to come.

Positron believes it should be easy for you to choose a Business Phone System so we make it as simple as possible. There are no hidden extras, no support fee, we support a multitude of phone manufacturers and we don’t limit the configuration. The only decision you need to make is if you need 4, 12, 24 or 30 lines. Not only will the Positron G-Series Office Gateways save you money but we will also help your corporate image by allowing you to easily configure and customize you voice prompts, welcome messages and call flow through the system. This will allows customers to stay happy and reach the right person quickly and easily.


  • Enterprise Phone System
  • Remote Teleworker
  • Remote Call Center


  • Installs simply and quickly
  • Four Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) ports, Four ISDN BRI ports, or an E1/T1 ISDN PRI port
  • 2 Analog extensions (2FXS) for Fax or Handsets
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Support
  • Supports VoIP out of the box ­ no upgrades required
  • Multilingual ­ English, French, Spanish & Portuguese

Technical Brief

  • Single Compact Flash port
  • Dual port USB
  • Audio input / output jacks
  • Hardware based G.168 echo cancellation chip up to 128ms tail length
  • Four Ethernet (LAN or WAN) ports (10/100Mbps auto MDIX Ethernet port)
  • Power failure FXO pass through

IP PBX Business Phone System Appliance Range

  • Positron G-122 Analog Asterisk IP PBX Appliance (2 FXO)
  • Positron G-124 Analog Asterisk IP PBX Appliance (4 FXO)
  • Positron G-224 ISDN Asterisk IP PBX Appliance (4 BRI)
  • Positron G-320 E1/T1 PRI Asterisk IP PBX Appliance (1 PRI)

Other Products

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UK, Worldwide
Tel: +44 (0)1904 500155
Email: sales@novavox.co.uk
Website: www.novavox.co.uk

Toll Free : 1-855-514-VOIP (8647)
Email: info@canadianvoipsupplier.com
Website: Positron Systems at Wholesale pricing!

Technology Partners

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  • Xenialab: Preferred European Technology Partner

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