Posting Guidelines for Promoting Products and Services

Please add information about your products and services to this site.


Postings that do not follow these guidelines may be removed.

General guidelines

  • If you add to an existing page, follow the same format used for other entries on the page.
  • Be objective. Provide information. Do not use empty superlatives like: Best VoIP Provider.
  • Do not use boldface, larger fonts or colours to stand out.
  • Do not use all UPPERCASE other than for acronyms.
  • Do not mislead. Provide verifiable facts.
  • Ads posted in the comment and discussion areas will be deleted.

Guidelines for creating new pages

Company and open-source project wiki pages

  • Create a page describing your company or project and its products and services.
  • The title of a company wiki page should match the name of the company.
  • Use graphics as appropriate.

Product- and Service-specific wiki pages

  • Create separate product or service page if your product or service has more info than comfortably fits on your company page.
  • Don't do daily cosmetic updates to your page just to stay on top of the Last modif pages.
  • A product page may have any number of sub pages for more specific information, e.g., FAQ page, HOWTO pages, etc.
  • The title of the product page should include the company name in addition to the product name, e.g., Cisco 7960, Linksys SPA-3000, etc.
  • The titles of sub pages should start with the product name, e.g., Linksys SPA-3000 Configuration, etc.
  • Use graphics as appropriate.

Well-known brands

  • Although spamming by creating multiple copies of pages with differing names is not allowed, sometimes a company has established a well-known brand so successfully that the brand is perceived to be the company name, in which case a page may be created under the name of the brand, then linking to the company page, or the company page linking to the brand page. For example, the Matsushita corporation is better known for its National Panasonic brand and thus both a Matsushita page and a National Panasonic page may exist on this site. This is an exception only applicable to well-known, global brands.

Guidelines for editing existing pages

Where to post

  • Please post only on the appropriate pages.
  • For pages with multiple sections, post in the correct section. If a new section or category is needed, please contact
  • Do not add entries to reference-only sections pointing to other pages. Instead, add your entry to the referred-to page.

Adding to lists

  • Add your entry in the proper position following alphabetical order.
  • If you find other entries in the wrong position, please move them.
  • Stay within the size of other entries on the page you are adding to.
  • If you need more space, create a new wiki page (see above notes on creating pages) and include a link to it.

News sections

  • Ask yourself if the entry you are going to post is newsworthy; that is to say, does it look like a headline in a newspaper/magazine?
  • Do not post advertisements disguised as news.
  • Do not repost the same or similar entry just to stay on top of the list.
  • Keep your news entry as short as possible - preferably use telegram style.
  • News items in the news section of the home page are strictly limited to 85 characters.
  • News about beta releases and minor upgrades in the news section of the home page are limited to one news item per product per month.
  • Please do not use url shortners or other means that disguise the destination.

Other dos and don'ts

  • Do not delete or alter information about competing companies and products for the purpose of gaining a marketing advantage for your company or products.
  • Do not create multiple pages that contain identical or practically identical content. Create one page and link to it where appropriate.
  • Do not use all uppercase in page titles except for well-known acronyms, e.g., BSD, HP, IBM, MGCP, NAT, PBX, SIP, STUN, etc.
  • Do not post in the comments section on any page of this website to promote yourself, your company, or any product or service.

  • The site administrator has the last and final decision on all matters relating to conduct on this site.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in content or page removal, and repeated violations may result in a ban from this site.
  • This site is an information site, not an advertising site. If content looks more like advertising than it looks like information, then it doesn't belong here.
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