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Indosoft Inc. offers Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich, enterprise-grade call center software for Asterisk. For outbound call centers seeking to use Asterisk as their telephony platform, Q-Suite delivers a compliant self-pacing efficient Predictive Dialer. The Dialer within Q-Suite is capable of running multiple concurrent campaigns in Predictive, Preview and Progressive Dialing. It is a FCC compliant Dialer with advanced individual Pacing Setup and Drop Rate controls to provide you with the flexibility to fine tune and manage the dialer behavior. Live Lead Queuing enables hot leads to be posted directly to Q-Suite for immediate dialing. A central administrative console provides a set of powerful tools, including full Campaign and List Management as well as a dynamic, easy-to-use Script Builder, which enables on-page CRM integration, custom variables, text blocks with embedded variables, Post to URL functions and conditional script components for Agent Customer interaction.

As a complete call center software, Q-Suite is unique in that it delivers true enterprise-grade contact center capability for Asterisk, the leading hybrid VoIP/TDM telephony platform. Q-Suite’s open standard, open architecture leverages the advantages of Asterisk, Linux, Apache and MySQL to simplify campaign development and management, maximize revenue opportunities, improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction; all while remaining fully compliant with regulations in your particular geographic area.

This page focuses on the details of Q-Suite’s Predictive Dialer features and functions, which have been designed specifically for Asterisk. For a general overview of Q-Suite as a complete call center software, please see main Indosoft page on this wiki, or view our website at

Q-Suite Dialer for Asterisk Features:
• Predictive Dialing• Custom List Variables
• Preview Dialing• Caller ID and Name Per Campaign/List/Record
• Progressive Dialing• Hot/Live Lead Loading with Prioritization
• Power Dialing• Dialability Checks
• Self-Pacing• Script Builder
• Individual Pacing for Campaign• CRM & Custom Application Integration
• FCC Compliance• Built-in Voice Recording
• Concurrent Campaign Dialing• Built-in QA with Listen/Whisper/Barge
• Drop Rate & Dial Rate Controls• Multi-tenant
• Answering Machine Detection• Remote, Distributed Architectures
• Audio File for Voicemail• On-Hook, Off-Hook Agents
• Campaign Management• Real-time & Historical Reporting
• Detailed List Management• Open Database
• Multiple Lists per Campaign• Full Support
• List Prioritization

Dialer Settings

Q-Suite has a sophisticated self-pacing predictive dialer that is fully compliant with FCC regulations. To offer full control of dialer functionality, Q-Suite enables you to customize predictive dialer settings, save the settings as a Dialer Scenario and assign them to your campaigns. This allows the same setting to be used for multiple campaigns or have unique settings per campaign. Modifications to dialing parameters are not necessary on a daily basis.

All controls are managed from a single user interface. These controls include Hit Rate, Drop Rate, Average Idle Time, Hard Drop and Compliance Mode settings. Dial Rates and Dials in Progress provide further granular control of the dialer’s pacing.

The dialer can also be set to run in Preview or Progressive dialing modes on a per campaign basis. Power dialing can be achieved by setting the tolerance for dropped calls to extremely low values. This provides the opportunity to dial collectively for many agents and reduce their wait time between connects without wasting valuable warm leads. The settings can be adjusted to meet your power dialing requirements.

Campaign Management

Setting up outbound campaigns in Q-Suite has been simplified due to an intuitive and integrated Campaign Management tool, which relies on easy to use What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Graphic User Interface (GUI). As a multi-tenant software, Q-Suite has a full hierarchy of user permissions including Super User, Customer (tenant account), Administrator, Supervisor, Agent and two other user levels that can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

In Q-Suite, campaigns unify all aspects of dialing, such as customer information, agent interaction, phone-lists, scripts and wrap-ups, under a single umbrella for ease of management and reporting. Custom variables can be included in all lists and multiple lists can be associated with any single campaign. Unique Caller ID and Name Per Campaign/List/Record can be quickly customized. Campaigns can be individually assigned a Dialing Mode of Predictive, Preview or Progressive. Scripts can be built using a powerful Script Builder (see below), and can be assigned to campaigns or individual lists within a campaign. Other key features Q-Suite provides include the ability to create unique Dispositions, utilize Answering Machine Detection with audio file support for leaving messages, assign DNC Lists to campaigns, and specify Trunks and Patterns based on individual call center criteria.

List Management

Q-Suite provides complete list management for full control over the records you call. You can associate multiple numbers with each record. Lists can be loaded from a lead template engine in Q-Suite. Lead templates can be customized with a limitless number of custom variable fields to meet the demands of specific lead sources or campaign requirements. Typically, CSV and XLS file formats are accepted for input, however the unique open architecture of Q-Suite enables Hot Lead integration with websites and allows you to efficiently drive website traffic directly into a callable list. Leads and lists can be prioritized as required by business rules. The leads with higher priority will be picked up ahead of the leads with lower priority. Client information associated with the call that has been established can be loaded with the list and then extracted and displayed to the agent in the script. Also, if necessary, scripts and terminations (dispositions or wrap-up codes) can be associated at List level. Lists can be set to active, paused or retired and Q-Suite can be configured to allow list re-assignment. Every campaign can have its own DNC list(s). Dialability checks can be customized to run in the background for groups of leads or can be used to check each lead individually before dialing. Q-Suite supports multiple number dialing for each record.


Q-Suite supports setting up of remote, distributed architectures, allowing you to take full advantage of the Asterisk telephony platform and its VoIP capabilities to support call center operations across multiple regions. With the multi-tenant software, Q-Suite allows multiple call centers to operate under a single instance of Q-Suite. Each tenant within the Multi-tenant setup can set up groups of agents within a call center, who can work on the same campaigns or inbound services for the tenant. Agents can be assigned to work one or more campaigns, as dictated by your business requirements.

Regardless of agent location, Q-Suite enables agent phones to work On-Hook or Off-Hook, as defined by the administrator. There are multiple options for the agent phone connection, including SIP phone registered to an Asterisk server connected to Q-Suite as wells as phones behind other PBX with trunks to Asterisk, or PSTN phones (for agents working from home without SIP).

Q-Suite also provides built-in Quality Assurance solutions. When building scripts, Administrators can trigger Call Recording to start/stop at specific points in the script, or they can add buttons to the script allowing agents to start/stop call recording. Other QA features include Listen to Agents, Whisper, and Barge.

Dispositions (Wrap-Ups or Terminations) are fully customizable and can be defined for individual campaigns, lists or scripts. DND states can also be fully controlled and customized for the agents.

Script Builder

Q-Suite’s unique Script Builder is a powerful tool used to generate scripts that guide effective agent-customer interactions for agents utilizing a web browser agent screen. Powered by an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI), Q-Suite delivers powerful script building capabilities.

A few of its popular functions include the ability to easily embed a web-enabled CRM or other Custom Application directly within the script. Other features include the abilities to insert text boxes capable of using data inline from a database, create custom fields for use within the script (list of values, text, number), and display script elements/pages based on conditional responses. You can easily insert a URL with command line parameters to open web pages up in an iframe within the script page or as a separate window. Hyperlinks can be introduced in the script to branch to a different script page, or wrap up a call. In the process of wrapping up, the agent can disposition the call, set a custom variable or even opt to play a voicemail to the caller upon leaving the call. Typically, a script page using hyperlinks will have more than one hyperlink, which give the agent the natural branching options depending on how the call proceeds.

Q-Suite’s Script Builder also enables data posting functions to be inserted within the script itself, which allows agents to input information received during the call to their agent screen, which is then automatically posted to the indicated URL once the call is finished. Versatile call recording options for call recording start/stop provide built-in quality assurance. Transfer options can be embedded in the script and include Blind, Conference, and Consultative transfers.

Scripts can be associated with campaigns or individual lists.

A brief overview of Q-Suite’s Script Builder includes these popular features:
• Custom Variables (LOV, TEXT, NUMBER)• Static Web Pages
• Text Blocks with Embedded Variables• Conditional Display
• Post to URL• Branching to Another Page
• External Links with Command Line Parameters• Start and Stop Voice Recording
• URL in I-Frame or Separate Window• Transfers (Blind, Conference & Consultative)


Q-Suite offers a complete set of reports and an open database to integrate with other reporting engines. Cradle to Grave Reporting with granular details is available out of the box for all reports, including Agent Performance, Agent Time Profile, Agent Disposition, Agent Call Back, Display Terminations, Lead Inventory & Extract, and Campaign Call History, to name a few. Supervisor Dashboards and Wallboards provide call center administrators with a view of the call center performance broken down by agent, campaign and dialer performances. Wallboards allow supervisors a bird-eye view of the floor performance. Since all these screens are Web reports, an across the board view is provided to management. Periodic and Historical Reporting can be scheduled and emailed automatically to any distribution list.

Summary of Benefits

Q-Suite call center software for Asterisk delivers all the above-mentioned features in an incredibly flexible and versatile software bundle. Due to its utilization of Asterisk as its underlying telephony platform, Q-Suite delivers benefits inherent to its infrastructure; benefits unachievable from other popular call center software solutions. Stable remote agent support, distributed architecture, utilizing multiple trunks, and seamless integration of VoIP and SIP are just a few benefits inherent to Asterisk and Q-Suite. This unique combination of powerful software and telecommunications technology positions Q-Suite to meet the most demanding of call center requirements.

For more information, please see the main Indosoft page on this wiki or visit our website at

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