Pseudo DID

Attention please, 911 Providers:

When a 911 call is routed to a local PSAP* and the number that the 911 call is coming from does not match the one on the PSAP Router as a Local Call, the Router rejects the call.

It is in this type of case that the 911 provider must buy and show the local PSAP ROUTER a "Pseudo DID number" that is a local call to that Rate Center.

The real number of the customer is written in the info base of the PSAP CRM. The Pseudo DID is used only for the router to accept the call.

Pseudo DID Providers - DID Number Market Place.

  • A PSAP is a public safety answering point, a physical location where 911 emergency telephone calls are received and then routed to the proper emergency services.

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