Pstnexten macro

;; PSTN extension macro: 
;   ${ARG1} - Device extension(s) to ring (ie SIP/3201 or ZAP/1)
;   ${ARG2} - Device prefix to activate a line (if needed)
;   ${ARG3} - Device suffix to end dial string (if needed)

;; Usage: 
; in main context use
;	exten => 3201,1,Macro(pstnexten,SIP/3201,,)

;; Note:
; Background(trusted) plays a custom message prompting for number to dial (recorded using the asterisk "record" function)

Exten => s,1,Answer
Exten => s,2,DigitTimeout(10)      ; Set Digit Timeout to 10 seconds
Exten => s,3,ResponseTimeout(12)     ; Set Response Timeout to 12 seconds
exten => s,4,Read(tfnumber,trusted)
Exten => s,5,Macro(superdial,${ARG1}/${ARG2}${tfnumber}${ARG3},,,,pstn,${MAXPSTNCALLS},,,pstn)

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