QSMaster - Call Center System

Asterisk based, complete call center solution to improve customer service & results. Easy to use, clear reports, many customizable features.

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QSMaster features

Queue status - live monitoring

Watch current queue status:
  • number of waiting calls
  • average wait time
  • list of logged-in agents
  • average call time
  • number of answered/unanswered calls

Set critical and expected values of indexes. React quickly and raise efficiency of your team.

Agents' presence charts

  • analyze agents' schedule.
  • schedule optimal timetable.
  • check if agents do their work.

Adjust agents' presence to expected inbound volume. Motivate need of employment of new agents.

Create unlimited number of reports

  • create and save unlimited number of reports.
  • specify period, select queues and agents.
  • print and present clear reports.

Statistics of answered/unanswered calls

  • analyze queues' and agents' statistics.
  • examine service level.
  • define most frequent reasons of call ends.
  • see outcomes of calls.

Distribution of incoming calls by hour

Analyze charts and see:

  • average wait time
  • average wait time before call abandon
  • average call time
  • incoming call distribution
  • distribution of answered calls
  • distribution of unanswered calls
  • amount of unanswered calls without call retry

Shorten the response time and don't make customers wait for connection too long.
See how long your customers wait before they abandon call.
See how many impatient customers don't call again.
Find out average call time and see how it is related to agents' competence.

Day distribution of inbound calls

  • watch fluctuation of inbound calls volume
  • set optimal frequency of measurements.
  • point periods of activity and rest
  • associate volatility of indicators with planned or unplanned events.

Recordings archive

  • record all or selected calls.
  • take care of your safety by recording calls and agreements.
  • raise quality of agents' work.
  • agents can describe calls and assign it to specific category.
  • quickly find history of contact with particular customer.

Rate agents' competence

  • rate the quality of work and competence of agents on the basis of recordings of the conversations.
  • set the most important criteria for your business.
  • point problems in communicating with customers which should be improved.
  • watch and motivate agents through long-term assessment of the quality of their work.

Results of tasks

  • you can monitor sales results and efficiency of the agents' work.
  • define goals and indicators, which should strive to your team.
  • you will have a concrete basis for reward the best agents.

Geographic statistics

  • analyze areas of interest to your offer.
  • plany your strategy of including futher regions to your campaign.
  • optimize the cost of domestic, mobile and international calls.

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