QuesCom Enterprise One Number

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QuesCom delivers value added services such as:

Savings and control for the company,
Voice and Fax on the same number,
Mobility and Convergence for mobile workforces.

Savings and Control

Connected to the switchboard, QuesCom equipment reduces call costs to mobile phones. On all calls, the enterprise benefits from the best prices. With a single number, the company has an overall view of fixed and mobile flows through statistics allowing analysis of its activity.

Voice and Fax

One Number for voice calls and fax. The solution allows employees to be reached at any time and have a personal fax, accessible with e-mail wherever they are. Can be connected on legacy PBX over ISDN (BRI or PRI) as well as using T.38.

Mobility and Convergence

One Number delivers optimal availability for fixed and mobile calls. The solution enables one to be reachable at any time with a single number. Employees can benefit from the corporate features on their mobile phones. The company is making cost savings thanks to convergence.


QuesCom 20

QuesCom 20 brings cost saving to the smaller business and home customer. Being an Analogue solution, it can connect to a FXO port of an analogue PBX, emulating a fixed-line connection to the PBX.

QuesCom 50

The QuesCom 50 GSM Gateway is an entry level gateway with 2 GSM channels that connects to the PBX in BRI.

QuesCom 200

The QuesCom 200 Appliance is ideal for companies who have an average of 20 to 50 people per site. It is compatible with additional software to deliver Enterprise One Number solutions for up to 100 users. It is connected to the PBX either in IP or ISDN.

QuesCom 400

The QuesCom 400 Appliance is the most powerful gateway of the range. With the same embedded application as the QuesCom 200, it can support up to 500 users per platform and up to 2 500 users in a cluster. It is connected to the PBX either in IP or in ISDN and can be rack mounted.

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