QueueMetrics is an inbound and outbound call center analysis, monitoring and reporting software application. The current version is 17.06 as of Jun 21, 2017. QueueMetrics is available as an on-premise or hosted solution.

It offers over 150 quantitative metrics of inbound/outbound call center operation, that can roughly be divided into:
- Taken calls
- Lost calls
- Call distribution
- Agent activity
- Real-Time call center monitoring
- Extensive IVR tree tracking

Reports can be generated per agent, queue and time period, with many levels of aggregation. Single calls can be pointed out and even listened to right from the browser, using an HTML5 audio player. You can mark specific points of interest in a call and see them later.

A panel can be generated to show what is happening within the call center in real-time: which calls are in queues, which agents are available, who is talking to whom. Color alarms can be triggered when some metrics meet a certain condition, such as a call that's waiting for too long or if there are too few free agents.

Powerful user-configurable wallboards can be created, edited and shared between users, or can be used to run automated kiosks.

If you have very complex report requirements, you can also use QueueMetrics as a data provider for your own custom analysis web apps, using its embedded JSON or XML-RPC interface. You can then use any programming language to build extensions to QueueMetrics.

Agents can have their own home page, see calls flowing in and launch external web-apps. They can enter call completion codes for their traffic (inbound and outbound) and can enter pause codes for their non-ACD time, so that it is possible to know if an agent is on pause because of lunch or because he's doing back-office activity. The page also includes a WebRTC soft-phone.

You can also have external visitors access the system remotely and see real-time reports and daily indicators, all in (nearly) real time. They can also listen to ongoing calls and view the agents' screens.

QueueMetrics offers Quality Assessment data input and comprehensive reporting; you can have members of your QA team grade live or recorded calls for agents over a number of user-defined metrics.

A comprehensive illustrated 190-page manual can be downloaded from https://www.queuemetrics.com/manual_list.jsp.

QueueMetrics works with any version of Asterisk, including FreePBX, AsteriskNOW and Elastix.

QueueMetrics handles both incoming queues and outgoing calls, grouping them into "virtual queues" by campaign. You can have the number dialed in a number of ways, including using dialing scripts.

Although it is a closed-source product, QueueMetrics is free for smaller installations, SOHO's and home users.

QueueMetrics is available in 17 different languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and Italian) and is easily localizable into any UTF-8 language.

QueueMetrics is currently being used in some of the world's biggest Asterisk-powered call centers, handling the reporting for over one thousand of concurrent agents.

QueueMetrics offers live monitoring of a cluster of Asterisk servers using the Manager API and clustering support to monitor a number of Asterisk ACD servers as if they were a single virtual Asterisk server - see https://www.astrecipes.net/blog/2007/02/19/monitoring-multiple-asterisk-servers-with-queuemetrics/ for details.

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