QueueMetrics Live

QueueMetrics-Live is a cloud solution (SaaS) that turn an existing Asterisk-based PBX into a full-fledged call-centre powered by QueueMetrics. It tracks over 150 metrics of inbound/outbound activities (calls, traffic, sessions) without upfront expenses for the deployment. A company can choose the service required and pay only for what is needed, included:

- Supports to up 50 agents, on unlimited queues and campaigns
- Compatible with any Asterisk distribution and configuration, including embedded systems
- Compatible with FreePBX, Elastix, and Yeastar appliances
- Localized in multiple languages (~20 at the moment)
- Single and multiple reporting for queues/campaigns
- Weekly activity breakdown in days or hours
- Business targets measurement against SLAs
- Staff performance analysis on ACD/non-ACD activities
- Customizable QA forms for custom call grading
- Detailed real-time activity reporting with definable alarms
- Real-time Wallboard
- Agent panel for call control, disposition, log-on and pause
- Embedded screen-pops to your favourite CRM system
- Restricted Visitor mode for external inspection

and much more.

The main advantage of an hosted SaaS solution is that operations can be easily scaled up or down by taking online resources following only the call-center needs. Also the required IT infrastructure is provided and hosted by the developer (Loway), so there are administration costs.
The customer accesses the service via secure SSL connection and the Loway does all the maintenance, updates and nightly backups, freeing the customers' time and resources for other tasks.
QueueMetrics Live is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee that includes remote installation.

QueueMetrics-Live can create reports split per agent, queue and timing, with many different levels of aggregation.
A wallboard showing what's happening within the call-center (queues, agents available, who's talking to whom) can be generated from real-time data.
Agents have their home panels to see and handle calls, track their pauses for their non-ACD time, and an embedded WebRTC soft-phone.

QueueMetrics-Live also offers Quality Assessment data input and reporting, can be launched very quickly and it’s ideal for companies ready to offload on-premise solutions in order to create new revenue streams integrating full-service contact centers.

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