QuickDial by X1Z.Net

QuickDial is an auto-dialer extension for FireFox and Thunderbird which works with any provider that supports web-triggered calls for their users.
Providers can be calling-card services, VOIP Services, alternate long-distance, etc.

Users may signup with one or more providers to benefit from the best rates. Once QuickDial is installed, users simply highlight a telephone number on a webpage or in an email message and right-click to select the QuickDial option.

Provider API is very flexible and supports HTTP or FORM based authentication, and definable fields for GET or POST form submissions.

Private-label and enterprise versions (which remove the provider-selection dialogs) are possible.

Please visit http://QDial.X1Z.Net/ for more information.

22/12/2005 — Provider Listing Request Form added. Users of this wiki can benefit from 50% off all fees for a limited time by use the promotional code ASTERWIKI

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