QuteCom is an free and open source voice-over-ip, and video conferencing application. The latest version of the software is always available on the QuteCom website.

QuteCom 2.2 is licenced under the GPL, and is free software. It supports the following features:
  • fully SIP-compliant softphone with audio, video, and presence support
  • Instant messaging features including support for Jabber/GoogleTalk, AIM/ICQ, MSN and Yahoo (though with limited support for the specific features of each protocol)
  • available for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows
  • NAT traversal including STUN and HTTP proxy support
  • File transfer capabilities
  • use of libgaim from Gaim to allow interoperability with many IM protocols.
  • Encryption using SRTP with AES 128 bit standard encryption.
  • 100% translations for 13 languages.

The QuteCom is the new name WengoPhone product and is maintained by MBDSYS and by the community QuteCom.
The initial project devlopper was Wengo, a subsidiary of the second heaviest PSTN/ADSL network in France who transfered the sponsorship to MBDSYS in the beginning of 2008

For more information, see http://www.qutecom.org

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