Raketu is a proprietary protocol VOIP system built using PURE Peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques, in combination with SIP. NO SUPERNODES! Unlike other PC dependent software, Raketu users have choice to either install application on computers or use RakWeb to access great features via an internet browser. Raketu offers a social networking integrated with media.

Raketu at http://www.Raketu.com/, Raketu TV at http://www.Raketu.tv/, Mobile Raketu at http://www.Raketu.mobi/.
Raketu is a free multi-language software download that incorporates unique technology to deliver integrated-all in one product-Communications, Information and Entertainment, over broadband or dialup connections with better than cell quality and higher call completion rates.

Raketu’s offerings:

Raketu Calling, any IM, SMS, TV, VOD, info feeds, and more – all in one
RakWeb Web-based application synchronized with Raketu program
Raketu-Biz For Businesses – Communications and informations only
Raketu-Lite Calling,Rak-IM, email, SMS –> communications only
Raketu-Mobile BlackBerry, iPhone
Raketu-Mobile Beta-Windows Mobile download
Raketu-Mobile Other mobile devices
Raketu-Gadget Add Raketu to your Google Toolbar (calling or TV)

You can make 4 different types of calls with Raketu!

Rak-Rak Call (PC-to-PC/mobile-to-mobile) – always FREE

RakOut Call (PC-to-phone, Mobile-to-phone)

RakWeb Call (Phone-to-Phone)

RakSMS Call (Phone-to-Phone using sms-text messaging)

Raketu on ANY MOBILE phone! - calling, IM, SMS, email

BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Other Mobile Phones, Dumb Mobile Phones

Raketu IM can be used between ANY mobile phone or between ANY device!
Raketu IM anywhere with ANY device

RakWeb- All on web, No Download!

Recently launched RakWeb service, a renowned technology which allows Raketu users to access features Raketu client offers on Raketu’s website itself, from making phone calls, to sending SMS and email as well as ipTV and Video On Demand entertainment services. RakWeb is in full synchronization with Raketu client, changes made on RakWeb will also reflect on Raketu client and vice-versa, such as editing contact information and etc. You can also join global chat session on RakWeb to communicate with Raketu client users!
Whether you are running a Max, Linux, Mobile device or any other operating system, as long as you have an internet browser available, RakWeb will get you the service you need.


Raketu Rates- RakOut, RakWeb and SMS Rates

RakOut - PC to landline/mobile phones -> RakOut RATES
RakWeb -Web calling between two landline/mobile phones -> RakWeb RATES
SMS – International SMS Message -> SMS RATES

Raketu Client- Full services at tiny downloadable application!

Raketu offers these free services:


- Rak to Rak VoIP calls
- RakOut/Dial Out service to land lines/mobiles -> RATES
- SMS text messaging from Raketu for the lowest rates ever -> RATES
- Voice conferencing, DND, block, etc. standard telephony features
- Instant Messaging, including support for Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Google, Skype, Jabber, and conferencing across
- Email
• Receive notifications about new incoming mails from your bridged IM accounts
• Send email to anyone directly from Raketu
- Web calling, SMS and Email are also made available directly on RakWeb


- News feeds, weather, sports and stock quotes with alerts,
- Integrated search:(web, music, concerts, restaurants, recipes, health, what's movies)
- Integrated travel search (search flight progress)


- Full multimedia player with karaoke (video and audio)
- Podcast support
- Picture viewer, Power Point presentation viewer with music
- Games
- ipTV
Permit Raketu members to watch real-time broadcast television with interactive chat support.
- Video on Demand
Allow customers to browse an online movie catalogue, watch trailers and pick the movies they want to watch and make the TV viewing experience more interactive and personalized.
- ipTV and VOD are also made available directly on RakWeb

Raketu has global online presence function: Click-to-call.
Raketu also supports: callto, raketo, IMto, RMto and SMSto tags.

Raketu has great social networking features. Users can now manage their profiles from within the Raketu client, adding as much information about themselves as they wish others to view and search on, including adding interest tags, avatars. Raketu supports the roaming user functionality for it's users, who can log into their account on any computer and their contact list will be available without any additional setup necessary(pack-and-go)

Raketu has been confirmed free of Spyware, Malware, Virus by Softpedia, an independent source.


Raketu Science-NO SUPERNODES

Raketu implements pure p2p for its core communications technology and Raketu does NOT use supernodes.(see explanation of supernodes: What are supernodes:NO Supernodes- detailed info about Raketu Technology.


Raketu is a free multi-language software download. Raketu is developed to communicate effectively in six different languages:
English, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Spanish.

Affiliate Program:

Raketu offers Affiliate Program to all its Raketu memebers which allows them to earn 8% commission on the total amount your friends spend on RakOut calls, which will be awarded to you directly to your RakOut account. Click here for more information about Affiliate program

Coming Soon:

To entertain and thrill its members, Raketu has added some interesting features:
  • Raketu Mobile (Symbian/Windows CE), which will help you stay, connected on the move with Raketu. Estimate to be release in May.
  • Raketu Radioshow, will allow you to tune in to the online radio, listen to your show, with the best signal quality and much more.



Detailed description of Raketu services:


Support both dial-up and broadband users to call from PC to PC for absolutely free!

Support both dial-up and broadband users to call from PC to landline or mobile phones for incredibly low rates. Free calling to 42 countries/locations. Check the great rates

Raketu’s SMS feature helps you to stay in touch with friends and family around the world for the lowest price from Raketu only.

Allow you to host a voice conference with up to 5 users come from different IM applications.

Remove the hassle of running multi programs on your computer, this feature allows you to simultaneously signed into your Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Google, Skype, and Jabber accounts while enjoy all the great features Raketu is offering.

Send emails to anyone directly from Raketu plus receive notifications about new incoming mails from your IM accounts.
All of these services are also available on RakWeb.


Choose from the list; customize your own search for news, weather, sports and stock. Raketu will bring you the information instantly plus receiving the latest stock alerts.

Free…enter your search word or phrase and choose what to search for—web, merchandise, recipes, restaurants, music, concerts, and Raketu will get the information for you.

Search for car rentals, flights, vacations, hotels. You can even see the information about a flight in progress. See where it is on the map and if there is a delay or not.
All of these services are also available on RakWeb.


Full media player with an add-on Karaoke feature. Play your favorite music or watch video/film on the screen which can be dynamically resize for convienience.

Search, download, play, save and share videos on your favorite media player. Pre-set downloads of your podcasts and Raketu will do the rest.

View your pictures or Power Point presentation as slideshow while relax with some classical music playing in the background.

Demonstration game “Battleship” is available under “Fun”. Check Raketu.com for the latest update on Games.

ipTV in Raketu. Look at ratings, select TV channel, and have fun.

Order and watch your favorite movie at anytime, anywhere you like.
All of these services are also available on RakWeb.

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