RFC Reader Release!

It is my first wiki page. So great!

When I read RFC document, I felt that it is very uncomfortable to locate the special sections. And sometime I want to make some bookmarks during my reading. I cannot find a tool to fit my requirement, so I have to develop one to benefit my readng. It is RFC Reader.

I am glad to announce its released, and hope engineers who often read RFC documents can like it. This software can be download from http://ww.nn.cn/hongtian/ .

The current versoin is 1.5, it includes following features:

  • Pure green software, without install, just uncompress RAR file and double-click 'rfc reader.exe'.
  • Support opening several RFC documents at the same time.
  • Support toggling open files tabs.
  • Create tree-like index. You can click the index and jump to the chapters which you want.
  • The normal text font and header font can be modified as which you want.
  • Add and delete bookmarks. You can also click the bookmarks to locate the section which you have indicated.
  • Auto-save index and bookmarks.
  • Auto-save your configuration.
  • Each child window support independent "find and find next" features

In the next version, I want to add following features:
  • Hightlight waht you want;
  • Auto-scroll
  • Maybe support TXT to speech.
  • search and download RFC documents online

Of course, I can only prefect this software in my spare time. I am a senior communication engineer and focus on NGN/IMS fields, I would like to disuss NGN/IMS technology with persons who are family with these fields too.

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