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Redfone Communications is a pioneer and leader in delivering high-performance, high-reliability T1/E1/PRI connectivity solutions. Formed in 2003 in Miami, Florida, Redfone was founded by a team of veteran engineers specializing in the very demanding field of avionics data communications. Today, Redfone's unique engineering pedigree delivers extremely robust, reliable and unique hardware and software solutions to the open-source telephony market, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Product Line

  • foneBRIDGE2- Single, Dual or Quad T1/E1/PRI to Ethernet Bridge.
  • VGate- a turn key T1/E1 to SIP Gateway VMWare Appliance

foneBRIDGE2 Overview

foneBRIDGE2 T1/E1 Bridge products provide the ability to terminate (or originate) T1/E1 circuits directly into a PC-based server running Asterisk, Asterisk-based distributions such as Elastix, FreePBX, etc., or Freeswitch. foneBRIDGE2 products are a good external alternative to PCI-based cards and to expensive, hard-to-configure Gateways. foneBRIDGE2 also provides for fast, automatic failover from a primary to a backup PBX server, and supports load balancing and clustering capabilities when deployed with clusters of supported PBX servers — without additional switch-over hardware.

foneBRIDGE2 Features

  • External T1/E1-to-Ethernet Bridge design eliminates typical PCI card issues & is compatible with virtually all servers
  • No additional drivers to install - Fully compatible via standard DADHI, TDMoE, and libPRI drivers
  • Compatible with ISDN PRI connections, channel banks, legacy PBX integration, SS7 links and MFC/R2 lines
  • More economical, easier to install, and more reliable than most complicated, expensive T1/E1 Gateways
  • Easy to scale and easy to add high availability, automatic failover, or clustering capabilities - now or in the future
  • Reliable 100% solid state, FPGA-based - High MTBF, no software to crash
  • All products designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA

foneBRIDGE2 Product Portfolio

  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-4000 - Single Port T1/E1 Bridge
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-4000-EC - Single Port T1/E1 Bridge with Echo Cancellation
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-5050-EC - Dual Port T1/E1 Bridge
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-5050 - Dual Port T1/E1 Bridge with Hardware Echo Cancellation
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-5000-EC - Quad Port T1/E1 Bridge
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-5000 - Quad Port T1/E1 Bridge with Hardware Echo Cancellation
  • foneBRIDGE2 - 750-1U - 1U Rackmount Kit (supports up to two foneBRIDGE2 products)

VGate Overview

The Redfone VGate is a ©VMWare compatible turn-key software appliance. When combined with foneBRIDGE2 hardware, it quickly and easily provides a complete T1/E1 (ISDN PRI) to SIP gateway with advanced* SIP features including SIP load balancing and auto fail-over to provide always on capabilities.

VGate allows customers to easily deploy Asterisk, Elastix, Trixbox, SwitchVox, 3CX, FreeSWITCH, and other voice systems in a virtual environment and still maintain superior call quality and scalability.
  • Supports all major E1 and T1 ISDN switch types. EUROISDN, AT&T 4ESS,
DMS 100, Lucent 5E, NI1/NI2, ETSI EuroISDN TBR4 PRI, Japan INSnet150. Network or CPE
  • SIP Standards based for each of interoperability with other SIP products

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