Redfone - 750-5000-EC

Carrier Class ITU G.168 Compliant
  • Qualified as Toll-Quality at AT&T's Voice Quality Lab. __
Industry Leading DSP Technology
  • Utilizes on board high-performance digital signal processing with TI's C6000™ DSP platform
Robust EC Performance
  • One of the highest performing EC products available for Asterisk today capable of canceling echo on over 100 concurrent channels with 128msec (1024 taps) of echo tail.
Highly Flexible Configuration
  • Configurable on a per channel basis, with options to enable EC originating on the outside or inside network
Superior Voice Quality
  • Comfort Noise Generator, automatic tail search, fast convergence and no divergence due to double talk provide for the highest quality of EC available in the marketplace today.
Field Upgradeable
  • Our highly flexible and powerful FPGA architecture allows users to quickly upgrade firmware in the field when product enhancements and new features are released.
Fax/Modem Interoperable
  • Tone disabler for clear fax/modem communication.

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