Reducing Costs and Fees charged by Transit providers

Authentication means the process of verifying with certainty the identity of a valid subscriber.

Authorization means the process of authorizing or allowing a subscriber to place calls via a VoIP network.

Authentication and Authorization Standards means the guidelines by which the Customer provides authorization to TANDEM that a call(s) may be accepted and completed on or through TANDEM’s Termination network.

TANDEM Network/Facilities means the network or facilities either owned by TANDEM or those of the third party underlying carriers that TANDEM utilizes to supply the Service to Customer.

CPE means Customer Premises Equipment.

DID - Direct Inward Dial number.

LATA means Local Access Transport Area. TANDEM may provide transport within LATA boundaries designated by the FCC.

MRC means Monthly Recurring Charge.

NPA means Numbering Plan Area (commonly referred to as the “area code” of a phone number).

NRC means Non-Recurring Charge.

Nxx means In the North American direct distance dialing numbering plan, a central office code of three digits that designates a particular central office.

Subscriber means a Customer’s EndUser or Customer, whether an individual, business, reseller or another Customer.

Termination Gateway means the equipment that translates IP to PSTN.

Termination Services means the combination of intra-LATA IP transport, gateway conversion and intra-LATA PSTN termination to the subscriber.

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