Released the built in modem IP Phone

Top-Phone 631S (SIP) / Top-Phone 631H (H.323)

Built-in dial-up modem

Top-Phone 631

IP Phone with Ethernet and built-in modem interfaces
Connects directly to the internet via a modem, hub, or router
Outstanding voice quality that is very comparable to the PSTN voice Quality
Rich telephone features such as the last number redial, call forward/transfer, call history, volume adjustment and speakerphone

Standard and Protocol

SIP V2 or H.323 V4
PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modem
DHCP support for LAN or Cable modem
Supports IP address dynamic (DHCP) system
Supports multi-method NAT and anti-virus crossing
Compliant with ITU-T standard and DTMF form and check
Support Low Bit Rate codecs: G.711A/U (20ms), G.723 (30ms, 60ms), G.729 (20ms, 40ms)
Supports dynamic sound check (VAD), compatible noise form (CHK), echo cancellation (AEC)
Dynamic sound technology with sound quality as good as traditional telephones
Store 100 speed-dial telephone number
Passing through NAT devices.
Remote software upgrade capability (via ftp)
DTMF Relay: RFC2833, Inband

Hardware Features

Built-in Modem (56k)
Crystal LCD screen and background display
Adjustable screen brightness
Net2phone hardware terminal
One and two (IPT-101B) network ports
Power adapter Input: AC 100 -240V
Data memory: 2MB
Program memory: 1MB Flash memory
Internet interface : 10/100M Base-T

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